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Mons Royale (179)

Mons Royale feel the woolly warmth

Mons Royale

Wool underwear? Remember the days when our parents dressed in wool panties during the chillier winter months and perhaps forced us into them too. Luckily, someone recognised the potential of Merino underwear, but admittedly, it does not look particularly sexy! If only there’s something for our bottom halves made of the finest wool, which not only feels good, fits well and looks great. Say no more, Mons Royale has the solution.

Faced with the same problem, the New Zealand Brand 2009 revolutionised the clothing industry with its Merino lingerie. They went on to design and develop merino clothes for themselves. This was a bold step but a wise choice, because the high-quality underwear , socks, accessories, snow and streetwear did not go unnoticed by the rest of the world. The first Mons Royale collection came to the shelves of retailers in New Zealand. International attention and interest quickly followed.

Mons Royale's secret recipe: Merino wool

What is all the excitement about the bit of wool? Well, they did not reinvent the wheel, but the material is just as awesome: Merino sheep have developed a sophisticated technical garment system to protect themselves from all possible weather conditions. These unique special sheep give us a natural wool ready to keep us sheltered.

The most important merits of Merino wool summarised:

Odour resistant: the superior moisture wicking properties of Merino wool keep sweat away from the body. That means bacteria does not have time to form. Wool fibres have an uneven surface at the microscopic level, smell formation has no chance here!

Premium fibre

Mons Royale

Merino wool is soft so does not scratch due to fine fibres and elasticity. This helps to keep the shape of the product even during intensive activity. After washing, the garments are fold-free. The special wool protects against UV rays and is perfect for outdoor use.
The fibres regulate temperature with their natural curling, which captures air and isolates the wearer from extreme weather. The wave-like fibres remove perspiration and moisture from the body and carry them to the outside of the tissue. From there it evaporates and it cools the skin. The warmer it is, the greater the effect. These two properties regulate the body temperature of the wearer in a natural way.

Renewable and easy to maintain

Every year a Merino sheep grows a lot of new wool, whether we use it or not. Oil is a scarce resource, the synthetic fibres made from it as well. Merino wool clothing is easy to care for and is suitable for use at low temperatures without the use of special detergents. Simply the perfect fabric for modern day people despite being available for hundreds of years. It is suitable for all weather conditions and be worn in different styles, outdoor and streetwear.
Mons Royale offers you everything you need on and off the mountain in the fresh air. The Merino wool gives warmth, not too much that you will sweat and not too little that you freeze. With products for every season, outdoor wear and underwear that will make you feel good and functional.
You can get your Merino fix in our Blue Tomato Online Shop with a range of men and women’s streetwear, underwear and much more. Mons Royale has got you covered.