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Marker (42)

Marker – Skiing’s Royalty

Marker holds a rarefied status within the freeskiing community. Marker was the first company to tailor bindings specifically for freeskiing. The Griffon was the first binding with a wider mounting pattern and the ability to swap brakes for wider-waisted skis.

Following the success of the Griffon, Marker expanded the line into every facet of freeskiing. The Duke and Baron for ski touring, the Jester and Jester Pro for freeriding and competition level freestyle and the Squire for aspirational freeskiers and ladies. The icing on the cake for this collection is the Kingpin. A revolutionary ski touring binding which dominates the lightweight touring and pin-tech bindings market.

10 years of the Royal Family of Bindings

The Royal Family of Bindings, established in 2007, continues to push skiing’s boundaries.

  • Marker Griffon ID – Probably the most popular ski binding in the world. The ease of use and accessible release values mean that the Griffon serves an extremely broad spectrum of skiers. From intermediates to advanced skiers.
  • Marker Baron EPF – The Griffon Binding on the Extended Power Frame, perfect for shorter tours.
  • Marker Jester ID – For advanced freeriders and freestylers with magnesium parts and higher release settings. The Duke is the touring version of the Jester mounted on the Extended Power Frame
  • Marker Squire ID – A lighter model with lower release settings, perfect for female or lighter riders.
  • Marker Jester Pro – THE binding for competition level freestylers and freeriders, with a full metal construction and huge release values.
  • Marker Kingpin – The top pin-tech binding in the world.

Ultimate Integration of Helmets and Goggles

Not content dominating the ski binding market, the German company looked towards Helmets and Goggles. As you can expect from German engineering, the quality is second-to-none. For freeriding we have the Phoenix and Ampire. Both helmets are well ventilated and have the magnetic fidlock buckles which are easy to operate, even with one, gloved hand. The Clark and Kojak helmets are your choice for freestyle. They have clean, uncomplicated designs and are featherweight.

Marker goggles are equally as impressive. The 3D+ has a massive peripheral vision thanks to the semi-frameless design. Amazingly, these goggles feature MAP protection. MAP protection is a 3 mm foam which absorbs impacts and returns to its original for quickly. Not only do these goggles protect you, they are also extra comfortable on the face. The Projector is large, comfortable and comes with two sets of lenses. The Big Picture and 16:9 are excellent value goggles and look great.

Marker protects you

Through industry-leading bindings, innovative helmets and goggles with sharp optics Marker’s mission is to protect you. Shop skiing’s royalty here at