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Jart (42)

Jart Skateboards – Spanish quality for the streets

Jart Skateboards from Spain, is one of the few remaining brands to still manufacture their skateboards in Europe. The three pillars of Jart’s corporate philosophy are: Quality, sustainability and environment protection. The company is committed to a cleaner planet through its skateboard decks. There is no need for unnecessary gimmicks- as with Jart, the skateboards always come first.

Jart represents the style and variety of skating

Jart Decks represent the lifestyle of skating. Their skateboard decks have such a broad range of designs. From maritime-themed anchors to more comic cartoony themes and their double oval logo. The wheels have a solid core, which enables a higher level of speed and precision. Similar cool graphics are on the Wheels as well as the decks.

Quality and environmental awareness in production

Three brothers from the Basque Country, the Iraolas, founded Jart Skateboards in 2001. The company is rooted in a long tradition of skating. Behind every deck, there is a whole generation of skating expertise. Igor, Iban and Ander personally control the production of decks in their own factory. Wood is a little challenging to come across in the Basque Country. Jart import American hard rock maple from controlled forests. Each skateboard deck is individually pressed. Through the single press method, the brand can guarantee the quality of every deck produced. Amazingly all of this is done in the sleepy, tranquil town Irun. Here’s an insider tip: you can combine a skate and surf trip in the Basque Country. Even better you can find everything you need in our online shop.

Good to Know – Some manufacturers press more than one deck together in one mould. This can lead to differences in shape and concave. This is not an issue for Jart Skateboards

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