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Doughnut (32)

Doughnut – your perfect companion


Backpacks have become all the rage in the last few years. No longer just a simple accessory for school kids, they are a statement piece. La pièce de résistance if you will for every hip-hopping, hippety hipster out there. Hong Kong basedDoughnut hit the market at just the right time in 2010 with their fashionable, stylish, simple yet functional bags.

Pack Your Dreams

There is no limit to how far you can go, or what you can explore. If you choose the right companion the whole experience might just be that much better. Doughnut’s vision is for you to pack your dreams, to explore the world pursing those dreams whilst keeping your belongings safe and sound in a beautiful backpack. These sturdy, high-quality bags will have your back no matter what you decide to get up to.

Sweet as a macaroon

Most companies have one product that takes the lead. The eye-catcher, the big boss, the ONE! Doughnut is no exception. The Macaroon backpack is their personal showstopper.

As their signature piece it is equipped with:

  • a tablet compartment
  • padded carrying straps
  • top handles
  • water resistant fabric
  • and a practical front pocket.
As if that weren’t enough, it comes in a plethora of mouthwatering colors. So sweet in fact, that they might just give you a toothache.

Travel light, travel right

Not only are Doughnut backpacks a treat for the eyes; they are a treat for your back. Wanting to give you the best possible experience, Doughnut have worked hard to reduce the weight of their daypacks. With minimal clutter and unnecessary extras, you will almost forget you are wearing it. These backpacks are simply the perfect accessory for any daytime or nighttime adventure.