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Private Snowboardbinding 2021

SP Private Snowboardbinding 2021

$ 141,38 $ 171,69 18 % spart
eks. Mva. i tillegg kommer leveringskostnader
Farge: black
Leveringstid kun 4 til 7 virkedager
Kundeservice: +43 3687 2422 333

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Størrelsesoversikt SP - Herrer Snowboardbindinger

Solid and light binding for all conditions

The SP Private is a solid binding at a fair price and offers all the features you need to shred all over the mountain. The Private has been the best all-rounder since the early days of SP and countless shredders have since sworn by the comfortable flex and the pleasant, versatile riding experience. This Fastec binding comes with quick access via the highback - easy in, easy out.

The highback of the Private was revised this season: The Ergo X highback is made of lightweight composite material and is asymmetrically constructed. The raised inner side can better transfer your movements to the board, while the deeper outer side gives you room for tweaks and other movements. The upper edge of the highback is softly padded.

The FT4 baseplate combines tool-less handling with lightweight construction at a reasonable price. The EVA footbed offers you highly effective cushioning and absorbs vibrations.

The FS2 ankle strap is perfect for freestyle riding. The slim design offers a controlled riding experience with plenty of flexibility for creative tricks and moves. The EVO buckle can be locked by pushing down the buckle to prevent it from being unintentionally opened while riding. By lifting the lever the buckle can be unlocked again. The new adjustable toe cap straps fit perfectly.



  • Artikkelnummer: 629396
  • Kjørestil: All Mountain
  • Ferdighetsnivå: Middels
  • Stivhet: 5
  • Flex: medium
  • Opprinnelse: China
  • For: Herre
  • Vekt: 1640 g
  • Features:
    • Tå-stropp
    • Tå-rampe
    • Highback rotasjon
  • Entry Mode: Inngang bak
  • Disc: 4x4, channel
  • FT4 base
  • Ergo X highback
  • FS2 ankle strap
  • Light toe strap
  • EVO buckle
  • EVA footbed

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A snowboard binding contender out of Vienna. SP are best known for their rear entry binding, that allow you to jump onto your board and get straight to business without any fuss. Staying one step ahead of the curve they anticipate their customers needs. Working with a team of athletes SP are constantly pushing their limited and staying on the forefront of technological innovation.