Everything children need to start skateboarding

Which skateboard should I buy for my kid? How to size a skateboard for children? What is the best protective gear for kids? These are just a few questions we often hear from parents. To help you get all the gear your kid should have when starting to skateboard, we put together the best selection of skateboards, cruisers, skate shoes and protective gear. All of which is designed especially for children, girls or boys.


Why should you buy a kids skateboard in the Blue Tomato shop?


The answer is simple, because all the skateboards we offer are the best quality, so ride perfectly. Also, because you can count on our over 30 years of experience as a skate shop, to make sure that you have the best selection of skateboard equipment.

How to size a skateboard for a kid

When deciding on which skateboard to buy for your child the width is vital. The skateboard for kids should not be broader than 7.75“and it best to decide on a complete skateboard. This way your kid can start skateboarding right away as the skateboard is already set up for riding.

The best cruiser for children

For all kids that will use the skateboard mainly to get from A to B we would recommend getting a cruiser skateboard. Cruisers are equipped with big, soft wheels and are perfect for a smooth, fast ride.

The smallest cruisers are less than 6“ wide you can fasten them directly to your backpack. A slightly wider cruiser provides a little more stability, however, these shouldn’t be wider than 9“.

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Which shoes and protection does my child need to skateboard?

When skating, kids should also have the right shoes and protective gear. The skate shoes have special soles and a profile which ensures they stay securely on the skateboard. For even more safety, the helmet and the junior protection set with elbow and knee pads shouldn’t be missing.

Now all you have do is choose a skateboard, skate shoes, helmet, and protection. Now your kid is all set and ready to skate.

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