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Single Skull 8.0" Skate Deck

Zero Single Skull 8.0" Skate Deck

SEK 623,36
inkl. moms exkl. fraktkostnader
1 Betyg (4.0)
Griptape -50% with every deck
Färg: black
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Kundtjänst: +43 3687 2422 333

Griptapes for half the price

Griptapes for half the price
Storlekstabell för Zero - Skateboard Decks

One of the most famous skate decks ever - the Zero Single Skull


  • Artikelnr.: 434972
  • För:
    • Herrar
    • Damer
    • Pojkar
    • Flickor
  • Bredd: 20,32 cm
  • Längd (inch): 31,6 inch
  • Egenskaper skateboard:
    • Standard Popsicle shape
    • 7 lager lönn
  • Hjulbas: 14 inch
    Avstånd mellan främre och bakre truck. 1 tum = 2,54 cm
  • 7-ply maple construction
  • Standard shape

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Om Zero

Zero came to life at a time when skateboarding was feeling slightly stiff and preppy. Founder Jamie Thomas wanted to cater to the underdog, bringing back the raw and powerful ruggedness of skateboarding. With some of the most influential skate videos to date and a whole new take on graphics, Zero made it to the top of the line at the turn of the century. With a pro team that puts most other brands to shame, Jamie Thomas has been able to continue building and expanding his dream.