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ABS P.Ride Bu Compact + Compact 30L Ryggsäck

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Färg: mountain grey
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Kundtjänst: +43 3687 2422 333
Storlekstabell för ABS - Lavinryggsäckar

Safety on tour

ABS were the first ones to establish airbag backpacks. But that doesn't mean they rest on their laurels. A few years ago, ABS launched the P.RIDE system, the first partner system on the market.
With P.RIDE you can activate your own airbag, your buddy’s airbag when he or she is riding on a section individually, or you can activate the airbag of your entire group. Group members are synchronized automatically when they simultaneously open their activation handles
The P.RIDE Compact base unit features the ABS P.RIDE System and the ABS® exclusive TwinBag technology with two independent airbags.
The P.RIDE Compact base unit is suitable for people between 1.60m and 1.85m and is compatible with p.RIDE compact Zip-Ons and s.LIGHT compact Zip-Ons.
This set includes the P.RIDE Compact base unit and the Compact 30 Zip-On. The 30 litre storage space has everything you need for an extended ski tour. From ski carry to helmet mounts and lots of practical pockets, the Compact leaves nothing to be desired

OBSERVERA: Denna produkt kan inte skickas via Express flygfrakt!


  • Artikelnr.: 591030
  • För:
    • Herrar
    • Damer
  • Materialspecifikationer: 100 % polyamide
  • Vikt: 3310 g
  • Volym (l): 30 liter
  • Ryggsäckfunktioner:
    • Bärsystem snowboard
    • Inre organisering
    • Kompatibel med vätskesystem
    • Bärsystem hjälm
    • Ytterfickor
    • Midjebälte
    • Vadderad konstruktion
    • Vadderade axelremmar
    • Bröstrem
  • Lavinryggsäck typ: Set (utan patron)
  • Airbagsystem: P.RIDE
  • Comfortable back padding
  • Height-adjustable and adaptable hip belt  and shoulder straps
  • Shoulder straps and hip belt are ergonomically preshaped and padded
  • Activation handle with integrated partner activation is height-adjustable
  • Can be positioned on the right-hand shoulder strap for left-handed users
  • In “off” position, the handle can be stowed in the shoulder strap
  • Simulate activation in training mode
  • ABS TwinBags with an airbag material with high puncture and tear resistance values
  • Seamlessly height-adjustable chest strap with integrated emergency whistle
  • Base unit weight: 2,68kg
  • adjustable hip strap
  • crotch strap
  • chest strap
  • electronic handle
  • rechargeable battery
  • integrated charging cable
  • Zip-on weight: 0,63kg
  • Valuables compartment
  • Waterproof side pocket for e.g. climbing irons or skins
  • Daisy chain
  • Holder for ice axe
  • Emergency compartment for shovel and probe

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