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Nitro Snowboards presents "OFFLINE"

Author: Tim

„OFFLINE“ is not just the name of the newest action-loaded Nitro Snowboards movie but also an attitude that the whole Nitro Team embraces. The message is clear: ”Put your phone away and go offline!” The movie was co-produced by Red Bull Media House and will kick off in cinemas October 10th. Join the premiere tour with Blue Tomato and the Nitro Team in Hamburg, Amsterdam, Kempten, Stuttgart, Graz, Zurich and Bern.

Day in day out we are exposed to all kinds of screens. From our computer at work we jump to spending our free time on our phones or in front of the TV and finally end up following the displays in public transport. Trapped in the digital lifestyle, time flies by fast. Nitro Snowboards presents a way out of this cycle in their newest movie "OFFLINE".


From now on the newest Nitro Snowboards Movie "OFFLINE" is finally also online available and for free on Red Bull TV: https://www.redbull.com/int-en/films/offline

Official Teaser

“Go outside and create your own memories!” The Nitro Snowboards crew around Marcus Kleveland, Austin Smith, Eero Ettala and many more inspire us to turn off our screens and displays and rather enjoy epic moments with friends in the mountains. After all the moments that you will remember for a lifetime are the ones made offline together with your best friends.

The Nitro Snowboards crew takes us along amazing road trips through the USA, shows us the best street spots in Eastern-Europe, the steepest couloirs of the Lofoten and how much fun it can be to travel with Austin Smith inside his firetruck through beautiful Alaska.

Dates of the Nitro Snowboards „OFFLINE“ Tour

10. Oktober 2019: Hamburg, DE, Zeise Kinos

11. Oktober 2019: Amsterdam, NL, Lab 111

16. Oktober 2019: Kempten, DE, Künstlerhaus

17. Oktober 2019: Stuttgart, DE, Delphi Arthouse Kino

18. Oktober 2019: Graz, Schubert Kino

31. Oktober 2019: Zürich, Arthouse Alba

01. November 2019: Bern, Kino Rex

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