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Slab Snowboard vezi 2021

SP Slab Snowboard vezi 2021

€ 349,95
z DDV brez stroškov dostave
Barva: black
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Služba za pomoč strankam: +386 188 880 20
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SP Slab 2020 Soft Bindings for men - a reliable partner for all kind of all-mountain shenanigans

The SP Slab 2020 Soft Binding for men is a lean and mean working machine designed for fast laps, big jumps, and all-mountain shenanigans. The lightweight aluminum base bears the new BC Highback with a straight and direct flex, as well as top-of-the-line technology from top to bottom. True to you in good times and in bad, this binding is the pick of the bunch for the dedicated ripper. This Fastec binding, like all bindings from SP, comes with speed entry over the Highback - easy in, easy out.

The BC highback is constructed to transmit power directly to the edge of your board for ultimate response and precision. It is asymmetrically shaped for an ergonomic fit and a better response. The forward lean and rotation of the highback can also be adjusted to suit your riding style without any additional tools.

The sLAB base is made of lightweight aeronautic aluminum, which provides maximum power transmission to the edges of your board. The footbed comes with super soft G-Cell cushioning for ultimate impact absorption. The canted design puts your body in the most natural and ergonomic position on the board.

The 3D Ankle Strap provides a significant foothold in every situation. With this strap, you'll always stay in control without sacrificing comfort. The Performer Toe Strap is super light while also being extremely durable and can handle anything you throw at it. The EVO Buckle can be locked by pressing down the buckle to prevent it from opening during riding and unlocked by lifting the lever.


  • Št. Izdelka: 581732
  • Najljubši slog vožnje:
    • All Mountain
    • Freestyle
  • Raven vožnje: Napredni voznik
  • Togost: 6
  • Flex: srednja
  • Za: Moške
  • Features:
    • Hiter vstop
    • Pašček za prste
  • Način vstopa v vezi: Paščki
  • Plošča: 4x4, channel
  • Snowboard Binding for men by SP
  • sLab base
  • BC highback
  • ultralight 3D ankle strap
  • aluminum lever anodized finish
  • Evo buckle
  • canted footbed with G-cell impact absorption
  • wrapped base buffer
  • performer toe strap

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O znamki SP

A snowboard binding contender out of Vienna. SP are best known for their rear entry binding, that allow you to jump onto your board and get straight to business without any fuss. Staying one step ahead of the curve they anticipate their customers needs. Working with a team of athletes SP are constantly pushing their limited and staying on the forefront of technological innovation.