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Katana Snowboard Vezi

Rome Katana Snowboard Vezi

€ 349,95
z DDV brez stroškov dostave
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Barva: g1 black
Tabela velikosti
Dostavni čas le od 1 do 4 delovnih dni
Služba za pomoč strankam: +386 188 880 20

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Tabela velikosti za Rome - Ženske Snowboard vezi

Super Light. Super Comfortable. Super Technical - the Women Katana from Rome

 With the Rome Katana, you have only the best of the best at your feet. It is one of these "everything-is-just-right" bindings. It is incredibly comfortable and makes long shred days foot-friendly, it provides a fantastic power transmission and can be adapted perfectly to any boat thanks to the many adjustment options. Bindings that really have everything!

The Asym Katana Highback is exclusive for this high tech binding. With the Asym Highback, Rome keeps it stiff on the lateral side where you transmit power, and soft on the medial side for more flow and tweak-ability. A tool-free highback forward lean adjuster offers quick and easy control over your forward lean. Cant-In-The-Back II is another Rome-exclusive technology. The unique highback canting allows riders to adjust the side-to-side angle of their highback to match the spine of the highback with the angle of their lower leg. For narrow stances, run 0 or 3 degrees of canting. For wider stances, go up to 6 degrees to keep your highback in line with your lower legs. Additionally, you can adjust your highback rotation to match your stance angle to your personal style.

The V-Rod Ultralight Baseplate has the industry’s lowest percentage of baseplate contact. The V-Rod baseplate minimizes the contact between your binding and your board for more natural board flex. The V-Rod Ultralight Baseplate creates a direct connection from front to back from your big toe to the lateral side of your heel. This combination gives you power edge to edge and flexibility side to side. The Tool-Free Yes, I Cant Technology was created to adjust the canting for the under your foot. Increased canting underfoot gives you more power over the tip and tail of your board and also puts less pressure on the knee for greater comfort, particularly for wider stances. The D3O V-Rod SubBase Pad under the baseplate decreases vibration and improves cushioning for a smoother, more comfortable ride. Cushioning materials extend into the raised corners of the V-Rod design to provide more flexibility in the corners where you want movement.

The Ultralight Ankle Strap is a superlight injected EVA pad and an interlocking TPU support band down the middle that makes it super comfortable mid-flexing ankle strap. The ConformGrip 2.0 Toe Strap uses a TPU frame with a web of overmolded elastic material to conform and grip to the toe of any boot. The result is better foot hold and higher comfort.  The PivotMount Max Technology offers 64 configurations to place your ankle strap. Run ‘em high for support, low for added freedom, or in the middle for a traditional response. Or run it asymmetrically for varied side-to-side support levels. Simply loosen, rotate, and tighten. The AutoStrap Technology basically is an elastic band that allows the ankle strap to flex away from the baseplate when you open the strap, to let your foot step in more easily and faster. Additionally, the AsymWrap Technology enhances ''correct flex”—toe-to-heel power and side-to-side flex, at a light weight.


  • Št. Izdelka: 543610
  • Najljubši slog vožnje:
    • Freestyle
    • Freeride
  • Raven vožnje:
    • Strokovnjak
    • Napredni voznik
  • Togost: 7
  • Flex: trda
  • Za: Ženske
  • Features:
    • Rotacija highback-a
    • Pašček za prste
    • Naklon prstov
  • Način vstopa v vezi: Paščki
  • Plošča: 4x4, channel, micro discs
  • BASEPLATE: V-Rod Ultralight Baseplate
  • Tool-Free Yes, I Cant Technology
  • CUSHIONING: D3O-Powered V-Rod SubBase Pad  
  • HIGHBACK: Asym Katana Highback
  • Tool-free highback forward lean adjuster
  • Cant-In-The-Back II
  • Full Highback Rotation

Zaloga v trgovini

O znamki Rome

Rome SDS živi in diha snowboarding in to počne že od prvega dne. Rome so si prizadevali za ponovno vzpostavitev pravih korenin deskanja na snegu in tako začeli s proizvodnjo leta 2001. Njihov cilj je bil ustvariti blagovno znamko, ki "živi vrednote deskanja na snegu in inovira izdelke, ki povečujejo tisto, kar je najbolj pomembno pri deskanju na snegu: zabava." Njihov cilj so več kot presegli in kot pravi deskarji po srcu, smo presrečni, da so del naše ekipe.