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Deathwish Gang Logo 7.75" Skate komplet

$ 145,75
z DDV brez stroškov dostave
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Služba za pomoč strankam: +386 188 880 20
Tabela velikosti za Deathwish - Skateboard kompleti

Classic logo complete deck by ​Deathwish Skateboards

Deathwish Skateboards is a part of the Bakerboys Distribution and was founded by Eric Ellington and Jim Greco back in 2008. Unique designs combined with the best quality of the classic construction of 7 layers of Hardrock maple give the decks a lot of pop and style.

Riding Style
This board is perfect for any terrain. You can skate it on the street as well as on your local skatepark, bowl or miniramp. 

The deck has a modern shape which is preferred by most skaters nowadays. The nose is a bit longer than the tail and the concave keeps you comfortable on your board.

Set Up 
Deck, wheels, and trucks work perfectly together. The trucks and wheels are suitable for all kinds of skating styles, from street to park. The Deck is characterized by the tried and tested construction of 7 layers of maple wood.


  • Medium trucks for versatility
  • Št. Izdelka: 518200
  • Za:
    • Moške
    • Ženske
    • Fante
    • Punce
  • Širina deske: 7,75 inch
    1 inč = 2,54 cm
  • Dolžina (inch): 31,25 inch
  • Širina: 5 inch
    Širina glavnega dela podvozja brez priponk. 1 inč = 2,54 cm
  • Lastnosti skateboardov:
    • Standardna oblika skateboarda
    • 7-slojni javor
  • Velikost koles: 51 mm
  • Trdota koles: 99A
    Ponavadi od 75A (mehka - tiha, oprijemljiva) do 101A (trda - hitra, tehnična)
  • 7ply maple construction
  • 5" Deathwish Silver Trucks
  • 51mm 99a Deathwish Wheels
  • Deathwish Bearings
  • Black Griptape

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O znamki Deathwish

Deathwish was founded by professional skateboarders Jim Greco and Erik Ellington in 2007. With eye-catching graphics and quality products, Deathwish soon found their place on the US market. It took a while for their dreams and wishes to reach this side of the pond, but once it did their success was imminent. With a star spangled team and off the chart video edits, Deathwish have secured their place in the spotlight for the next few years.