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Family Tree Moon Buggy 168 2020 Snowboard

Burton Family Tree Moon Buggy 168 2020 Snowboard

€ 549,- € 649,95 16 % prihranjenih
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Tabela velikosti za Burton - Moške Freeride snowboardi

Wider and  surfy - more fun in all conditions.

The Burton Family Tree Moon Buggy is unique. Surf playfully over untouched powder fields and enjoy every turn to the last. Thanks to the 3D swallow tail construction in the tail, you have a whole new feeling with the Moon Buggy.

Riding Style
The Family Tree Moon Buggy provides endless pow fun for expert-level riders.

Directional Shape, the classic snowboard shape, designed to be ridden with a slightly longer nose than tail to concentrate pop in the tail while still giving you plenty of float, flow, and control to rip any terrain or condition. A tapered shape (10mm) means the nose is wider than the tail, promoting smooth turn entry and exit, stability at speed, and enhanced deep snow floatation. Look for different amounts of taper throughout the line.

The All Mountain Directional Camber features an entry rocker that causes the nose to lift while camber under both feet maintains momentum and stability through deep-driving turns and variable conditions.

Directional Flex
increases pop in the tail and a more resilient nose that allows riders to easily maintain control through all terrain and conditions.

The FSC™ Certified Dragonfly™ 600G Core uses end-grain woods in impact zones allows us to swap heavier woods for lighter weight species without sacrificing strength. In four separate zones of the Multizone EGD™, the wood grain is perpendicular to the core adjacent to The Channel® - the area from which a rider’s power emanates - for ultimate strength and edge control. Some riders want a more flexible board without sacrificing performance. Filet-O-Flex solves that challenge with ultra-thin profiling that creates soft boards that rip with maximum stability, durability, and grip. An additional benefit is subtle suspension and underfoot padding.
Carbon Highlights optimizes each layer of the fibreglass matrix and adds a full tip-to-tail carbon layer to reduce weight and fine-tune torsional feel to achieve different ride characteristics. A 45° fibre angle provides a more aggressive ride.
Super Sap® is a resin formulated with bio-based materials that reduce the carbon footprint by 50% over conventional all-petroleum-based epoxies. Less oil consumption means even less of a carbon footprint per board, which is good in our book.
For the recycled, sintered WFO Base a specially formulated wax infuses deep into the pores of this extra-absorbent, high-density sintered material. The result is an ultra-durable base that stays wide open all season in any condition.
Stronger, faster, easier, and more adjustable - The Channel® gives you ultimate control of your stance and your board in a design compatible with all major bindings (not just Burton’s). In fact, Burton trusts it so much that all boards with The Channel are backed by a 3-year warranty.
The Burton-exclusive Infinite Ride™ technology allows maximizing pop and strength by overbuilding the board, then putting it in a machine that breaks in the board for you. Your board will maintain its flex, pop, and feel from the first day forward, season after season.


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  • Odlično za freeride in karvanje
  • Najboljši nadzor robnikov in mogočno karvanje
  • Št. Izdelka: 566860
  • Teža: 3510 g
  • Eko: Reciklirano
  • Najljubši slog vožnje: Freeride
  • Raven vožnje:
    • Strokovnjak
    • Napredni voznik
  • Togost: 6
  • Flex: srednja
  • Poreklo artikla: Austria
  • Podlaga: Sintrirano
    Ekstrudirana: enostavno vzdrževanje in izjemno trpežna, popolna za jibberje in shrederje - Sintrana: trda in hitra, z malo zahtevnejšim vzdrževanjem, najboljša izbira za pršič - Premium: najboljša kakovost in hitrost z dodatki iz karbona in grafita
  • Dolžina (cm): 168 cm
  • Radij zavoja: 8.8 m
    Manjši kot je radij, boljša je zmožnost zavijanja. Velik radij nudi boljšo vožnjo pri visokih hitrostih.
  • Dolžina robnika: 123.5 cm
    Del robnika, ki ima stik s snegom. Krajši=okreten, daljši=več nadzora
  • Širina nosu: 31.6 cm
  • Širina sredine: 27.2 cm
  • Širina repa: 30.6 cm
  • Dolžina nosu: 30 cm
  • Dolžina repa: 21 cm
  • Zamik: 17 mm
    Vstavki zadnjih vezi so pomaknjeni x mm nazaj proti repu za lažjo vožnjo v pršiču.
  • Jedro: FSC-Certified Wood Core
  • Teža uporabnika: 82.0kg / 118.0kg
  • Directional Camber
  • Directional Shape
  • 10 mm Taper
  • Directional Flex
  • FSC™ Certified Dragonfly™ 600G Core with Multizone EGD™
  • 45° Carbon Highlights
  • Recycled, Sintered WFO-Base
  • The Channel®
  • Super Sap® Epoxy
  • Infinite Ride™
  • Filet-O-Flex
  • Integrated Swallow-Tail

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O znamki Burton

Burton is one of the longest standing pillars of snowboarding and they have been innovating and changing the way people enjoy the outdoors for over 40 years. Their main goal is to give you the best possible experience on and off the mountain, any day of the year. Their go-getter attitude is contagious and we hope they ignite your spark to do things you never thought possible.