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Cadet XS 2021

Union Cadet XS 2021

$ 119,62
incluindo IVA excl. custos de envio
Côr: white
Tempo de entrega somente 3 a 6 dias úteis
Serviço de apoio ao cliente: +43 3687 2422 333

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Tabela de tamanhos para Union - Fixações de Snowboard

Minishreds don't deserve mini-features

Get the kids off on the right foot, with real ankle straps, real toe straps, and with ample range of adjustment for growing feet. The Cadet XS is a prime example of Union's commitment to offering the best binding in each category.

The Cadet Highback comes with a super lightweight, freestyle-oriented design, specifically intended for kids. The angle of the highback (forward lean) can be adjusted without additional tools.

The Stage 5 Duraflex Base is very robust and blows away everything in its class. The thermoformed EVA bushings offer excellent dampening and sustain their function season after season.

Contouring perfectly around the outside of your boots, Forma Ankle Straps are incredibly durable, and light as a feather. The thermoplastic anti-slip material of the UltraGrip toe strap keeps your boot locked in. You can put the toe strap over the top of your boot or over the toes.


  • Artigo núm.: 618620
  • Estilo de riding:
    • All Mountain
    • Freestyle
  • Nível: Intermediate
  • Rigidez: 4
  • Flex: mole
  • Pro Rider: Jackson Scott
  • País de produção: China
  • Para:
    • Rapazes
    • Raparigas
  • Features: Strap de dedos
  • Modo de Entrada: Straps
  • Disco: Minikid Disk - 4x4, 4x2, Channel, 3D
  • Stage 5 XS Duraflex baseplate
  • Thermoformed EVA bushings - shock-absorbing footbed
  • Extruded 3D aluminium heelcup
  • Cadet Durflex highback
  • Forma XS ankle strap
  • TS-1.0 Ultragrip toe strap
  • Aluminium buckles
  • Tool-less forward lean adjustment
  • 4x2, 4x4, 3D and Channel compatible

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The one product approach! Union Bindings decided to eliminate any distraction and to solely focus on what they do best: bindings. Everything at Union is created in-house guaranteeing that only the very best products hit the shelves. With a jam packed team of a-list snowboarders, Union have secured their place in the limelight.