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Sweet Protection Trooper II MIPS Capacete

€ 279,95
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Côr: gloss white
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Tabela de tamanhos para Sweet Protection - Homem Capacetes de snowboard


This is a game-changer. With its Thermoplastic Laminated Carbon Fibre (TLC) Construction, Sweet Protection's 2-piece Shell construction and the unique "Impact Shields" liner, the Trooper is one of the most advanced helmets on the market. This model is equipped with the MIPS Brain Protection System, a low friction layer solution designed to reduce rotational motion transferred to the brain. It also features Occigrip, a low-volume helmet adjustment system that provides a firm and comfortable fit, and Fitpads for a snug, comfy and personalized fit.

TLC Shell Technology
Thermoplastic Laminated Carbon fiber (TLC) combines the elasticity of injection-moulded thermoplastic with the rigidity and strength of carbon fiber. It enables Sweet Protection to very effectively tune the shell for different properties in different areas for optimized performance.

Impact Shields
Helmets with Impact Shields feature a molded shock-absorbing EPS liner with inserts that provide unsurpassed performance for shock absorbance. This is Sweet Protection's premium impact protection technology: it distributes impacts from the side of the helmet over larger areas in the crucial front and back zones where your head needs it.

MIPS - Multi-directional Impact Protection System
A revolutionary technology developed to reduce brain injuries. By allowing the helmet to rotate slightly relative to the head upon impact, the helmet absorbs more of the rotational force, adding better protection than helmets not equipped with MIPS. Setting a standard in helmet safety, MIPS is designed to deal with how most accidents actually occur, with oblique impacts to the head.


  • Artigo núm.: 536770
  • Para: Homem
  • Especificações de Material: ABS, EPS
  • Características do Capacete:
    • Compatível com audio
    • MIPS
    • Tamanho ajustável
    • Sistema de ventilação
    • Earpads amovíveis
    • Forro de espuma EPS

Disponibilidade em loja

Sobre a Sweet Protection

The first Sweet Protection product was a carbon fiber helmet developed in collaboration with snowboarder Terje Håkonsen. The core values of the company are based on the mantra "stronger, lighter, better" and their focus lies on quality and functionality. Having won countless awards for both innovation and design, Sweet continue to work hard to allow athletes around the world to push their boundaries be it on the mountain, in the water, or on the bike trail.