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Legacy Gone Fishing

Spy Legacy Gone Fishing

$ 194,36 $ 261,19 26 % poupados
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Tabela de tamanhos para Spy - Goggles de snowboard

Huge field of view in a sleek, low profile design - the SPY Legacy

The SPY Legacy has the widest field of view and lowest profile of all SPY goggles. It also inherits great features like the premium HD+ lenses while taking the Lock Steady™ 2 quick-change system to the next level.

SPY HD+ Bronze / Red Spectra™ Lens
The HD+ lens was designed to maximize the transmission of the sun’s “good” rays while blocking out its “bad” rays. Exposure to the “good” rays has been shown to create an uplift in mood and alertness. In addition, the HD+ lens enhances colour and contrast, making bluebird days even bluer and uneven terrain and bumps more visible.
​Transmittance of visible light: 17 %

Bonus Lens: SPY HD+ Low Light Yellow / Green Spectra™
​Transmittance of visible light: 53 %


  • Condições com alguma nebulosidade
  • Artigo núm.: 590879
  • Para:
    • Homem
    • Mulheres
  • Transmissão de luz (%): 18 Percent
    Qual a percentagem de luz visível que passa pela lente, uma maior percentagem é perfeita para condições de pouca luz e pouca percentagem é melhor para dias de céu azul.
  • Características do Goggle: Lente Esférica
  • Tamanho de goggle: Grande
  • Revestimento de lente: Espelhadas
  • Large fit
  • Polyurethane + ABS frame
  • 3x Isotron™ foam
  • ARC® spherical dual-lens
  • Lock Steady™ 2 quick-change system
  • 100 % UV protection
  • Anti-fog / anti-scratch coating

Disponibilidade em loja

Sobre a Spy

Spy Optics have been keeping our eyes safe since 1994. Their eyewear is inspired by the action sports lifestyle and made to fit seamlessly into it. Keeping up with innovation, Spy have developed a technology which allows long-wave blue light to pass through their lenses, which is said to have a positive effect on a persons mood and alertness. They say good things come in small packages, and in this case that is a pair of Spy Optic sunglasses.