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Roxy Palm 36" Skate Completo

$ 202,61
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Tabela de tamanhos para Roxy - Longboards

Tropical Roxy style for cruising

With the Palm Longboard by Roxy you can make your entry into the longboard world a pure pleasure. The Roxy longboard collection for women and girls includes models designed to make your first experience with the sport as comfortable as possible.

Riding style
This longboard cruiser offers the perfect characteristics to roll quickly and comfortably from point A to B. With this complete board, riding fun and style come first. Whether cruising through the city or as a means of transport is independent of traffic jams - this board will take you further on any terrain. 

This shape is a true classic. The elegantly curved shape of the deck is more reminiscent of a surfboard than conventional standard skateboards.

The deck is made of birch wood and offers you a lot of stability.
All Roxy decks are glued with environmentally friendly water-based glue from Japan instead of conventional glue. This results in a lower weight and a better, longer lasting pop.

The trucks are dimensioned so that the wheels are perfectly matched to the board. The soft wheels offer an optimal compromise for speed and grip. And thanks to the wider tread of the wheels, you can sweep over pebbles and small knots.


Note: Wheel and truck colours may vary due to stock shortage.


  • Artigo núm.: 634198
  • Para:
    • Homem
    • Mulheres
    • Rapazes
    • Raparigas
  • Riding Style: Cruising
  • Comprimento (inch): 36,0 inch
  • Montagem de Trecos: Montagem superior
    drop-through ou top-mount
  • Ø de roda: 65 mm
  • Rigidez das Rodas: 78a
    Normalmente de 75A (macia - silenciosa, aderência) a 101A (dura - rápida, técnica)
  • Superfície de contacto: 45 mm
  • Classe ABEC: 9
  • Longboard for women by Roxy
  • Fully assembled
  • Flat concave
  • 7 layers of birch wood
  • Roxy trucks
  • Roxy wheels 65 x 45 mm
  • Abec 9 bearings (608 2RS)
  • 7" Inverted Kingpin trucks
  • Clear griptape

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Sobre a Roxy

Born out of an industry that was used to catering only to men, Roxy enjoyed fast success when they launched their women's surf line in 1990. Building from there, they have gone on to become the number one women's surf brand in the world. Adding skiing and snowboarding to their roster, Roxy have managed to steel the hearts of active women all around the globe.