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Quiksilver Mr Retro 28" Skate Completo

€ 149,95
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Tabela de tamanhos para Quiksilver - Cruisers

The Midsize Cruiser with retro factor!

The Quiksilver Mr Retro is a mid size textbook Cruiser. This all-rounder is the ideal partner when the waves stop rolling and you have to leave your surfboard at home.

Riding style
The Cruiser from Quiksilver is slightly shorter than a conventional skateboard. But it has the perfect characteristics to roll quickly and comfortably from point A to B. Thanks to the extra kicktail, no obstacle is too high. With the right technique, you jump fleetingly on every curb that gets in your way.

The shape with short, pointed nose and flat kicktail looks cool even after decades. The cut-outs on the deck under each wheel prevent unpleasant wheelbites and particularly sharp curves are no problem either. The small size allows you to strap the Cruiser to your backpack and go through your everyday life.

The deck is made of birch wood and offers you a lot of stability. All Quiksilver decks are glued with environmentally friendly water-based glue from Japan instead of conventional glue. This results in a lower weight and a better, longer lasting pop.

Quiksilver focuses on quality in the choice of individual components and relies on 6" Inverted Kingpin trucks for these Beach Cruisers. - that is, skateboard trucks with the bushings facing outwards. The wheels are perfectly matched to the board. With a hardness level of 78A, the retro wheels are the optimal compromise for speed and grip. The Abec-9 ball bearings are extremely quiet, turning faster and longer. This means that you need less power and are faster at full speed.


Note: Wheel and truck colours may vary due to stock shortage


  • Medium trucks for versatility
  • Artigo núm.: 640698
  • Para:
    • Homem
    • Mulheres
    • Rapazes
    • Raparigas
  • Riding Style: Cruising
  • Comprimento (inch): 28 inch
  • Ø de roda: 65 mm
  • Rigidez das Rodas: 78a
    Normalmente de 75A (macia - silenciosa, aderência) a 101A (dura - rápida, técnica)
  • Classe ABEC: 9
  • Retro Cruiser by Quiksilver
  • Birch wood construction
  • Low concave and flat kicktail
  • 6" Inverted Kingpin trucks
  • 65 x 51 mm wheels
  • Transparent griptape
  • ABEC 9 bearings

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Sobre a Quiksilver

Quiksilver is unanimous with surfing. Kick starting production in 1969, the company has gone on to not only push the boundaries of the sport but go out of their way to support the people living it. With team riders, events, and charities Quiksilver work hard to benefit and enhance the quality of life for communities of board riders across the world. Ride on we say, ride on!