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Wildheart 141 Snowboard

K2 Wildheart 141 Snowboard

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Tabela de tamanhos para K2 - Mulher Snowboards

Surf style turning and flow with all-terrain versatility

The Wildheart was designed by women for women who dive heart-first into any and all terrain. The Wildheart is the first choice of Leanne Pelosi for a good reason: The K2 Snowboarding Alliance has designed the women's specific Rhythm Core™ to reduce swing weight and deliver super fast transitions from edge to edge. Using Volume Shift™ technology, the Wildheart is shorter than your standard board to give you an extra surf feeling!

Riding Style
If you are looking for a board to surf the whole mountain and experience new ways of riding, then this is your choice.

Directional is the classic snowboard shape, designed to be ridden with a slightly longer nose than tail to concentrate pop in the tail while still giving you plenty of float, flow, and control to rip any terrain or condition. A tapered shape means the nose is wider than the tail, promoting smooth turn entry and exit, stability at speed, and enhanced deep snow flotation. The greater amount of volume in front of you will allow for effortless turning in deep or soft snow and increase the float of your board tremendously. 

The Directional Camber Baseline™ is known for its pop and response, and is favoured by those looking for a little more precision in their ride. A little bit of rise in the tip and tail allow for effortless turns on hardback and ample float in soft snow and crud.
Tweekend™ is a revolutionary tweak to the ends of the baseline. By extending the Baseline™ all the way out to the very end of the board, a greater rideable surface is unlocked, giving you a bigger, more stable platform to press, float and land on. 

A medium-stiff flex fits perfectly to the design of this board, stiff enough to keep you in control yet soft enough to allow for a fun and playful ride.

Volume Shift™ moves volume from the tips and tails of traditional snowboard shapes and places it underfoot where it can be better controlled. This makes a wider, shorter design that maintains the same float and stability of a traditional board but increases mobility and manoeuvrability.
Hybritech™ is the most efficient way to make a snowboard without sacrificing an ounce of performance. Featuring sidewalls along the running surface and an extended wood core all the way to the tip of the board.
The Rhythm Core™ is uniquely shaped and designed to complement the mechanics, geometry, and riding style of female snowboarders. Additional Carbon Torque Forks™, carbon that extends from the inserts to the contact point, allows for an extra responsive and stable ride. ICG™ Carbon Glass integrates tip-to-tail carbon fibre stringers into the biax fibreglass layups ensures a smooth power release in and out of turns while increasing pop, liveliness, and longevity of the snowboard without adding unnecessary rigidity. The Sintered 4000 Base absorbs wax deep into the material for relentless glide and unrivalled durability.

Subject to alterations according to the manufacturer. Image is non-binding.


  • Perfeita para freeride e carving
  • Melhor controlo dos cantos e carving poderoso
  • Artigo núm.: 579780
  • Base: Sinterizado
    Extruded: low maintenance and extremely durable, ideal for jibbers and weekend shredders
    Sintered: hard and fast, but a little higher maintenance, the best choice for powder
    Premium: highest quality and speed with carbon/graphite additives
  • Comprimento (cm): 141 cm
  • Raio de sidecut: 6.8 m
    Quanto menor o raio, melhor são as capacidades para curvar. Um raio mais largo traz um ride mais suave a altas velocidades.
  • Comprimento do bordo: 102 cm
    A parte da lâmina que está em contacto com a neve. Pequena=ágil, longa=mais controlo
  • Largura do nose: 29 cm
  • Largura de cintura: 25 cm
  • Largura do tail: 28 cm
  • Setback: 19.05 mm
    As inserções da fixação de trás são set back x mm em direção ao tail para uma melhoria da capacidade de ridar no powder.
  • Núcleo: Rhythm
  • Peso do rider: 41.0kg / 75.0kg
  • Estilo de riding:
    • All Mountain
    • Freeride
  • Nível: Avançado
  • Rigidez: 8
  • Flex: rígido
  • País de produção: China
  • Para: Mulheres
  • Volume Shift™
  • Directional Camber Baseline™
  • Tweekend™
  • Hybritech™ Construction
  • Biax / ICG™10 Carbon Glas
  • Rhythm Core™
  • Carbon Torque Forks™
  • 2x4 Inserts

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Coming off of over 50 years of experience, based in one of the snow densest spots on earth, K2 know a thing or two about snow sports. If you want serious innovation and world-class technology that will let you play your heart out and put a bright smile on your face, K2 is the company for you.