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Element Timber Remains 10" Skate Completo

€ 119,95
incluindo IVA excl. custos de envio
Côr: assorted
Tempo de entrega somente 3 a 6 dias úteis
Serviço de apoio ao cliente: +43 3687 2422 333
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High quality cruiser for cruising or collecting. 

The Timber Remains from Element Skateboard is a really well thought out and high quality built cruiser for the city, because it's east nice and agile. The really special thing is that this cruiser comes from the Element Skateboards x Timber, Chad Eaton aka Timber collection and therefore has collector qualities.


Note: Wheel and truck colours may vary due to stock shortage


  • Artigo núm.: 617755
  • Para:
    • Homem
    • Mulheres
    • Rapazes
    • Raparigas
  • Especificações de Material: 75%MPLWD 15%STL 8%ERTHN 2%SDPR
  • Largura de prancha: 10,95 inch
    1 polegada = 2,54 cm
  • Comprimento (inch): 32,5 inch
  • Largura: 27,305 cm
  • Características do skateboard:
    • Deck de skate single press
    • Deck feito por shaper
    • Bordo de 7 camadas
  • Ø de roda: 62 mm
  • Rigidez das Rodas: 78a
    Normalmente de 75A (macia - silenciosa, aderência) a 101A (dura - rápida, técnica)
  • Classe ABEC: 5
  • Element skateboard deck
  • Fully assembled
  • Element x Timber Collaboration
  • Design by Chad Eaton aka Timber
  • Flying Deck shape
  • Shell wells
  • Element skateboard wheels
  • 1/8 riser pads
  • Transparent griptape

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Earth, Fire, Wind, Water. Element has always been slightly ahead of the curve, focusing on ethical production from the get-go. Supplying happy customers with everything from skateboard to apparel in the last 30 years, Element have managed to remain a strong player on the market even through turbulent times. Their motto "We are more than a business, we are a family" rings true to our hearts, because in our eyes, it is the best possible way to run a company.