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DEELUXE Track 325 2020

€ 319,95 € 399,95 20 % poupados
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Côr: black/white
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Tabela de tamanhos para DEELUXE - Equipamento de Snowboard Alpino

Sometimes, one boot does it all - with the Track 325, it’s always a good time to ride

Both weekend warriors and racers will enjoy the forgiving flex of the Track 325. It comes with all-new buckles and cables. And thanks to a range of optional tongues, you can customise the boot for a stiffer flex. 

Outer Boot
The shell can be perfectly adjusted to your needs. Thanks to the 5-Step-Forward-Lean system, you can change the boot as it is most comfortable for you. Also, the angle to the side is adjustable by screws. To install the INTEC System Adapter, unscrew the stock outsole heel and screw in the INTEC System adapter.

Inner boot 
The HB Performance Flex Liner provides you with the best performance possible. The power strap locks in your calves to support the closing mechanism, while the heat-moldable foam, highback and tongue reinforcements optimise the support of the liner. Padding on the collar and tongue offers extra comfort and the flexible toe box allows for a personalized fit.

The buckles used throughout the Track line help secure a boot’s liner and maximise the transmission of forces. To fine-tune the boot’s fit and performance, the Micro Adjustment System allows you to spin the buckles for additional micro-adjustability. Three Ankle Cable positions are available—simply unscrew the bottom of the cable and then adjust its length.

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  • Artigo núm.: 472135
  • Estilo de riding: All Mountain
  • Nível:
    • Iniciado
    • Avançado
  • Rigidez: 7
  • Flex: rígido
  • Para:
    • Homem
    • Mulheres
  • HB Performance Flex Liner
  • Heat-Moldable Liner (With Deeluxe TF Oven)
  • 5-Step-Forward-Lean-System
  • INTEC Adapter Compatible
  • Micro Adjustment System
  • Adjustable Ankle Cable

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Since day 1 Deeluxe have been committed to producing specialty products and we all owe the comfort of snug fitting snowboard boots to them. They were the first brand to bring out a thermo-moldable liner, allowing them to better meet the demands of their riders. No matter where your playground is on the mountains, Deeluxe have something that will fit you just right.