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Logic 2020

Bent Metal Logic 2020

€ 169,95 € 239,95 29 % poupados
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Côr: sean genovese grey
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Tabela de tamanhos para Bent Metal - Homem Fixações de Snowboard

All-mountain performance and freedom of movement, with a freestyle-oriented response: The Bent Metal Logic binding

The Bent Metal Logic is a softer binding that gives you freedom of movement and a freestyle response thanks to a soft Urethane highback and Bi-axial Calcium Fibre Drive Plates. The flexible yet responsive materials maximise your range of motion, for creative freestyle riding all around the mountain.

The Urethane Highback is made from medium flexing urethane, that flexes with your boot for a smooth response for freestyle snowboarding in any terrain. On the back of the highback, the Cube offers a fast and easy forward lean adjustment that incorporates urethane dampening.

Flex control drive plates are built from a number of layers to provide you with the right amount of power and flex. This binding features a Calcium Bi-Ax Drive Plate that has a medium-soft flex. It is constructed from a top layer EVA foam footbed and a fibre reinforced nylon carriage at the bottom. The layers between consist of an ecological top and bottom sheet, two layers of Biax fibreglass and a poly core. A perfect material combination for creative freestyle and all-mountain riding. The Pivot Discs are compatible with 2x4 and The Channel™ mounting patterns. The reduced size increases the true board flex.

The Mobility light strap is very comfortable and lightweight. The 3D structure and the TPU elastomer material provides a damp and forgiving ride. The Light Form toe straps provide a moulded grip to secure the strap on your boot. They feature a dynamic fit, are very lightweight and give you a maximum performance. The Forged Aluminium buckles allow for super smooth entry and release that does not break down.


  • Artigo núm.: 536409
  • Estilo de riding: Freestyle
  • Nível:
    • Avançado
    • Iniciado
  • Rigidez: 4
  • Flex: mole
  • Pro Rider: Sean Genevese
  • País de produção: China
  • Para: Homem
  • Peso: 2513 g
  • Eco: Sustentável
  • Features:
    • Rotação do Highback
    • Strap de dedos
  • Modo de Entrada: Straps
  • Disco: Pivot disk, 2x4, channel
  • Urethane highback
  • Calcium Bi-Ax drive plate
  • Mobility Light strap
  • Light Form toe strap
  • Forged Aluminum buckles
  • The Cube forward lean system
  • Compatible with 2x4 and The Channel™ mounting patterns

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Sobre a Bent Metal

A small contender on the snowboarding market, Bent Metal have made a name for themselves in the last few years with their patented flex control drive plates. Handcrafted in a zero waste, eco-friendly factory in the US, their focus lies on providing you with the best binding possible. Thanks to their location they can take an idea, turn it into a prototype and take it up on the hill all in one day. That's what we call dedication to the sport!