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Tour Operator 159 2021 Splitboard

Amplid Tour Operator 159 2021 Splitboard

$ 953,15
incluindo IVA excl. custos de envio
Côr: uni
Tempo de entrega somente 3 a 6 dias úteis
Serviço de apoio ao cliente: +43 3687 2422 333

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Tabela de tamanhos para Amplid - Homem Snowboards Split

Your gateway to hassle-free splitboarding

Amplid's Tour Operator is the perfect introduction to the world of splitboarding. The sturdy workhorse can withstand a lot and is super versatile thanks to its universal geometry. You haven't found your favourite terrain yet? No problem, just try everything! With the Tour Operator, the whole mountain is yours.
Riding Style
The Tour Operator is an ideal splitboard for beginners as it can handle any terrain very well. No matter if hard pack, pow or just the slopes for starting, with this splitboard you will enjoy the new side of snowboarding.
A Tapered Directional board is the best for all-mountain, freeriding and carving. The nose is a bit wider than the tail, giving you plenty of control in any terrain. The stance is set back towards the tail, increasing the length of the nose. This helps you to float above the pow.
A half-fat camber for all-mountain dominance. Cruise Camber’s toned-down dimensions deliver a precise and lively feel much like Pop Camber, but with much improved deep snow performance and a more “broken-in” feel out of the shrink-wrap. In Amplid’s directional snowboards a touch of early rise is added to Cruise Camber to improve buoyancy even further

The medium-stiff flex provides you with a lively board that allows you to stay in control at all speeds and pop over everything.

For the Lite Core uber light wood varieties are cut, treated and aligned in a way only Amplid knows. Its strength to weight ratio has scientist baffled. The V-shaped Basalt Suspension Strips in nose and tail, dampen unwanted vibrations for improved control. Impact Pads are laser-cut plates made of hardglass that are milled out of the core and laid in below the main laminate. Prevents ugly binding dings. Using Biaxial Glass in the construction gives boards a flawless blend of response and playfulness whilst keeping them ridiculously lightweight.
A smooth kick radius and fuller tip outline improve deep snow floatation without adding swing weight. The Sintered 7 Base is a premium sintered plastic which readily absorbs wax and will out-run your riding buddies’ bases without breaking a sweat. You better get used to waiting.


  • Nose largo e tail estreito para uma flutuabilidade espetacular em powder
  • Melhor controlo dos cantos e carving poderoso
  • Artigo núm.: 592018
  • Estilo de riding:
    • Touring
    • Freeride
  • Nível:
    • Perito
    • Avançado
  • Rigidez: 7
  • Flex: rígido
  • País de produção: Taiwan
  • Para: Homem
  • Peso: 3300 g
  • Eco:
    • Sustentável
    • Com materiais reciclados
  • Base: Sinterizado
    Extruded: low maintenance and extremely durable, ideal for jibbers and weekend shredders
    Sintered: hard and fast, but a little higher maintenance, the best choice for powder
    Premium: highest quality and speed with carbon/graphite additives
  • Comprimento (cm): 159 cm
  • Raio de sidecut: 8 m
    Quanto menor o raio, melhor são as capacidades para curvar. Um raio mais largo traz um ride mais suave a altas velocidades.
  • Comprimento do bordo: 115 cm
    A parte da lâmina que está em contacto com a neve. Pequena=ágil, longa=mais controlo
  • Largura do nose: 30.5 cm
  • Largura de cintura: 26 cm
  • Largura do tail: 30.2 cm
  • Comprimento do nose: 23 cm
  • Comprimento do tail: 21 cm
  • Setback: 10 mm
    As inserções da fixação de trás são set back x mm em direção ao tail para uma melhoria da capacidade de ridar no powder.
  • Posição: 51.0cm / 59.0cm
    Mínimo - máximo de abertura do stance
  • Núcleo: Lite Core
  • Peso do rider: 66.0kg / 88.0kg
  • Tapered Directional Shape
  • Cruise Camber
  • Knuckle Sandwich Construction
  • Basalt Suspension Strips
  • Lite Core
  • All-Terrain Tips
  • Pre-Cured Impact Pads
  • Biaxial Fiberglass
  • Sintered 7 Base
  • Bolted Tip Clips

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Sobre a Amplid

Amplid was the first snowsports brand to cater to skiers and snowboarders from the get-go. Brainchild of snowboard ledged Peter Bauer, the idea behind Amplid is to give people the best shred possible. Still sneaking off to the mountains ever chance he gets, Peter is the heart and soul of the operation. His genuine passion for snowsports shines through in every element of the company.