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Pullin Active Leggings

zł 200,65
zawarto VAT dolicz koszty dostawy
Kolor: white marble
Fason  Model ma 175 cm i nosi rozmiar M.
Dział Obsługi Klienta: +43 3687 2422 333
Informacje o modelu
Vahdeta nosi rozmiar M
Wzrost 175 cm Obwód klatki piersiowej 83 cm
Długość ramienia 62 cm Obwód talii 68 cm
Wewnętrzna długość nogawki 85 cm Obwód bioder 97 cm
Tabela rozmiarów Pullin - Kobiety Dresy

The PULLIN Active Legging Pants are perfect for all your workouts. Done in stretch fabric, they sculpt and highlight your figure.

Pullin production standards and certifications

All PULLIN products (including components) made in Europe are certified by STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. Likewise, any production stages which take place in Europe are certified by this standard.

OEKO-TEX® is the very first label designed to address health and ecological standards in the textile industry. In particular, this label seeks to ensure textiles are free of substances which may be harmful to the body or environment.


  • Nr artykułu: 564764
  • Dla: Kobiety
  • Specyfikacja Materiałów: 100% Cotton
  • Cechy materiału:
    • Strecz
    • Oddychający
  • Długość nogawki: Długa
  • Fason: Obcisły
  • snug-fitting and comfortable for a second-skin effect
  • super stretchy and breathable material
  • semi-high waist

Dostępność sklepowa


Straight out of surf Mecca Hossegor, Pullin have been keeping underwear drawers stylish since the big '00. Wanting to enter the market with something new and fresh, founder Emmanuel Loheac came up with the ingenious idea of using goggle straps as waistbands for his trunks. One good idea led to another, and almost 20 years later Pullin are still flourishing before our very eyes.