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Snowboard pants - functional, comfortable and stylish

Snowfall, ice-cold wind or slushy spring shred - there are many reasons to buy snowboard pants. Blue Tomato offers you a wide range of snowboard pants for women, men and kids. We will keep you warm and dry in any weather. With over 30 years experience in winter sports, you can rely on us. In our shops you can benefit from the advice of our sales staff and try on the different models on the spot. Of course you can also order online and have the pants delivered easily to your home.

Various cuts and styles

Brands like Burton, Volcom or DC are inspired by current street style trends when designing snowboard pants. For many customers, fit and material are the most important criteria. We have snowboard pants in many colours and patterns - there is something for every taste. We distinguish the cuts between slim fit, regular fit, loose fit and bib pants. The snow bib pants has become very popular again, especially in recent years.

Important material features

While there are different tastes in terms of fit, colour and style, one thing is clear to everyone: there should be no lack of functionality in snowboard pants. That's why the first look at the pants focuses on four basic elements that tell you a lot about performance and the ideal area of use.

Thermal insulation

The right snowboard pants not only protect you from snow and water. - No, they also defy the toughest conditions like icy temperatures or wind. Depending on the area of use, you really stay warm all day long. But if the insulation is too thick, you will start sweating if you move too much. We distinguish between three levels of insulation, which will help you choose the right one for your purpose.

Water column

Water permeability is indicated by the water column in millimetres. Simply put: the higher the numerical value of the water column, the longer you stay dry.


High breathability is indispensable, especially during intense tours or warm temperatures. It ensures that you stay dry inside by letting water vapour out. Here too, the higher the value specified, the better.


Water is most likely to penetrate through the seams. That is why you will find fully sealed seams on high-end models. They make sure that you are guaranteed to stay dry.

The complete consultation in the Buyer's Guide

Would you like to know more about water column, breathability and insulation? We explain everything in our Outerwear Buyer‘s Guide.

Features and details

Small details should not be underestimated. This also applies to your new snowboard pants. There are several features you should pay attention to before buying.
The size and number of pockets vary from model to model. They are super practical to store the essentials on your body. They are often lined with fleece to keep your hands warm. Some manufacturers even offer special pockets for storing smartphones.
A powder skirt ensures that snow stays outside. Some brands even offer the possibility to connect jacket and pants. This protects you incredibly well against the penetration of moisture and cold, so we recommend you buy a jacket and pants of the same brand.
Reinforced leg ends make the material more robust - which is especially helpful against sharp snowboard edges. Often it's small details like these that help you enjoy your snowboard pants even more.
As you can see, functionality is the most important thing when buying snowboard pants. If it also looks good, then it is definitely a perfect choice. Blue Tomato has countless styles, patterns and colours for you.

The most popular snowwear brands at Blue Tomato

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  • Burton
  • Volcom
  • DC
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  • Rome
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