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Aloha Vibes 154 2021 Snowboard

Amplid Aloha Vibes 154 2021 Snowboard

$ 405,22 $ 567,32 29 % spart
eks. Mva. i tillegg kommer leveringskostnader
Farge: uni
Leveringstid kun 4 til 7 virkedager
Kundeservice: +43 3687 2422 333

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Størrelsesoversikt Amplid - Herrer Snowboards

Aloha - Surfing Powder

All good things come in threes. The Future Shapes Series by Amplid scores with three great and extraordinary boards. The Aloha Vibes is the snow-surf fun machine for demanding lines and playful terrain.
Riding Style
Powder in any terrain. No matter if tree runs, playful pillow lines or big mountain, the Aloha Vibes brings surf feeling into the pow.
The nose of the Directional Shape is longer than the tail. The bindings and the sidecut are slightly set back towards the tail. This increases stability at higher speeds and the float in powder. A Tapered Shape means the nose is wider than the tail, this enhances deep snow flotation.

A half-fat camber for all-mountain dominance. Cruise Camber’s toned-down dimensions deliver a precise and lively feel much like Pop Camber, but with much improved deep snow performance and a more “broken-in” feel out of the shrink-wrap. In Amplid’s directional snowboards a touch of early rise is added to Cruise Camber to improve buoyancy even further.
A medium stiff flex (7/10) brings control and precision to your snow surf.
The Omni Core is a dependable, low-density Poplar wood core which is light-weight, durable and has great flex memory. The industry standard for great performance. Thick Cut was introduced with the Future Shapes series, Thick Cut Cores have a thicker profile in the tip and tail to reduce vibrations and increase stiffness where you need it. Reduced nose and tail deflection improves deep snow float, adds control and increases stability. Featured only in Amplid’s Thick Cut Core, Hexo2 Lite places honeycomb in the tips, but not between the bindings. The weight saving from removing excess material reduces swing weight and heightens responsiveness. The Jekyll & Hyde Geometry means maximum effective edge and square centimetres in a minimal board length. Unsinkable but nimble powder boards, sawn-off jib decks with huge pop and edge-hold and the ultimate all-mountain recipe. Floatation Tips are ultra wide, low rising tips that exist purely to create lift in powder without sucking-up speed. They add a surfy feel to skis and snowboards. Using Biaxial Glass in the construction gives boards a flawless blend of response and playful-ness whilst keeping them ridiculously lightweight. The Sintered 7 Base is a premium sintered plastic which readily absorbs wax and will out-run your riding buddies’ bases without breaking a sweat. You better get used to waiting

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  • Bred nese og smal hale for fantastisk oppdrift i pudder
  • Beste kantkontroll og kraftig carving
  • Artikkelnummer: 592009
  • Såle: Sintret
    Extruded: low maintenance and extremely durable, ideal for jibbers and weekend shredders
    Sintered: hard and fast, but a little higher maintenance, the best choice for powder
    Premium: highest quality and speed with carbon/graphite additives
  • Lengde (cm): 154 cm
  • Sidecut radius: 9.25 m
    Jo lavre radien, jo bedre svingevnen. En stor radius gir en jevnere tur med høy hastighet.
  • Kantlengde: 109 cm
    Den delen av kanten som har kontakt med snøen. Kortere=smidig, lengre=mer kontroll
  • Nose bredde: 32.3 cm
  • Midjemål: 28 cm
  • Tail bredde: 30.2 cm
  • Nose lengde: 30.9 cm
  • Tail lengde: 14.1 cm
  • Setback: 18 mm
    Fiksering av bak bindingen er satt tilbake x mm mot halen for en enklere puddertur.
  • Stance: 52.0cm / 60.0cm
    Minimum – maksimum stance bredde
  • Kjerne: Omni Core
  • Person vekt: 66.0kg / 90.0kg
  • Egenskaper:
    • Downsize
    • Bred
  • Kjørestil: Freeride
  • Ferdighetsnivå:
    • Avansert
    • Ekspert
  • Stivhet: 7
  • Flex: stiv
  • Opprinnelse: Taiwan
  • For: Herre
  • Vekt: 2900 g
  • Eco:
    • Bærekraftig
    • Resirkulert
  • Jekyll & Hyde Geometry
  • Floatation Tips
  • Thick Cut Core Profile
  • HEXO2 Lite
  • Carbon Pop Band
  • Pre-Cured Impact Pads
  • Omni Core
  • Biaxial Fiberglass
  • Sintered 7 Base

Tilgjengelighet i butikk

Om Amplid

Amplid was the first snowsports brand to cater to skiers and snowboarders from the get-go. Brainchild of snowboard ledged Peter Bauer, the idea behind Amplid is to give people the best shred possible. Still sneaking off to the mountains ever chance he gets, Peter is the heart and soul of the operation. His genuine passion for snowsports shines through in every element of the company.