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Ray Air Package Pure/11'6 Sup board

Fanatic Ray Air Package Pure/11'6 Sup board

€ 439,- € 609,95 28 % bespaard
Incl. BTW excl. verzendkosten
Kleur: uni
Levertijd binnen 2 tot 4 werkdagen
Klantenservice: +31 20 49 90 369
Maattabel voor Fanatic - Stand Up Paddle

Effortless paddling on longer distances for any water body!

The Ray Air by Fanatic is an inflatable touring board - a cruiser with fantastic glide characteristics. Exploring new routes and discovering waters and coasts on extended tours is part of what makes stand-up paddleboarding so fascinating.
Sufficient volume, optimised board thickness and the improved waterline ensure sufficient stability and best gliding characteristics.

Drop-Stitch Light (Pure) Technology
The single layer Drop-Stitch Light technology offers you a light and high quality construction at a very good price-performance ratio. The boards are manufactured by one of the world's most respected manufacturers with the best materials, technologies and production standards, just as you would expect from Fanatic.


Surfboards korter dan 6'1 (1,85 m)

De levering van surfboards korter dan 6'1 (1,85 m) wordt geleverd tegen de standaard leveringsprijs binnen de EU en Zwitserland. Expreslevering is niet mogelijk.

Surf- en SUP-boards langer dan 6'1 (1,85 m)

Surf- en SUP-boards langer dan 6'1 (1,85 m) kunnen net als alle andere producten of binnen de EU via DHL Freight gratis naar een van onze winkels worden verzonden. Je kunt de exacte tarieven vinden onder 'Verzending'.


Mocht je levering beschadigd zijn, neem dan het board "onder voorbehoud" aan!


  • Eigenschappen
    Voor scherpe bochten
  • Eigenschappen
    Stabiliteit en ondersteuning
  • Eigenschappen
    Geschikt voor US Box
  • Artikel nummer: 641287
  • Geslacht:
    • Heren
    • Dames
    • Kinderen
  • Eigenschappen Surfboard: Opblaasbare SUP
  • Riding Level: Gemiddeld
  • Lengte: 11'6 ft
    1 ft = 30,48 cm
  • Board breedte: 31 inch
    1 inch = 2,54 cm
  • Board dikte: 6 inch
    1 inch = 2,54 cm
  • Volume: 299 liter
  • Rider gewicht: 80kg / 110kg
  • Netto gewicht: 8.3 kg
  • Integrated transport cover net
  • High-quality towing eyelets and comfortable transport handle
  • Elaborately embossed cover pad for very good hold and comfort
  • Noble prints and edge design
  • 1x Ray 19.5 cm fin
  • Backpack with extra wide opening for easy storage and transport of the board and accessories
  • Fanatic Power Pump HP2
  • Volume: 299 l
  • Width: 31" / 78.7 cm
  • Length: 11'6" / 350.5 cm
  • Thickness: 6" / 15 cm
  • Weight: 7.90 kg
  • Rider weight up to 110 kg
  • Including Pure 3-Piece-Paddle, Power Pump HP2, Pure Bag, Leash









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Over Fanatic

The biggest name in SUP. Fanatic have a stand up paddle board for every situation. We love how packable and versatile their products are. Explore your local waterways with Fanatic.