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Blue Tomato The Captain's Quest 2016

The Captain's Quest 2017 – Hop Hop Hop het Water op!

Het is weer zover! Alweer voor de derde keer bouwt Blue Tomato de legendarische drijvende miniramp op. Dit jaar verlaten we Oostenrijk en gaan we richting het mooie Keulen.

Er zal gestreden worden om de titel ‚‘‘Master‘‘, "Chief" en "Chiefs Mate" in Wakebeach 257 Dormagen.

Op zaterdag 19.08.2017 gaat het los - Be there!


De rides en wij zijn er al helemaal klaar voor. Zorg dat jij en je vrienden hier bij zijn want dit event wil je niet missen!

Check hier het Facebook event!

The Captain‘s Quest 2016 – Summer, Sun, and Skateboarding

After 2015’s success, Blue Tomato organized The Captain’s Quest with a breath of fresh air for the second time in a row! For the 2016 version the world-renowned Wörthersee was captured by fearless sailors and numerous landlubbers. The lake served as the stage for the second The Captain’s Quest skate contest. The specially designed and constructed floating miniramp attracted 17 invited skaters who wanted to show off their skateboard skills. Among international skateboard cracks such as Dannie Carlsen and Owen Watkins (“Sox”) Blue Tomato team riders Marco Kada, Julia Brückler und Jakob Kristoferitsch set sail to conquer the throne.


In five heats with three skaters each plus a special heat for the ladies Julia Brückler and Cathy Marquis it became obvious that those skaters were not here for fun but they showed off their brilliant pro skills once again.

The best nine skaters from the first round made it to the final round. The final was set up in three heats with again three skaters each. Every captain in the final also left the Wörthersee with some prize money loot.

The trick contest in between yielded a rad trick banging. Berlin resident and Nike SB skater Farid Ulrich pocketed cash for the after-show party with a massive Smith Stall on the back wall of the miniramp. Last year’s winner Dannie Carlsen landed a Blunt Flip Out on the extension with his third try and had already earned enough cash for a whole barrel of rum. 15-year-old youngster Santino Exenberger also made a decent living and grabbed some cash with a fine Ghettobird. However, the judges splashed out and rewarded other riders such as Ralf Edlinger, Marco Kada, Sascha Biehaule, Alex Hallford and Michi Nadler, too.

Dannie Carlsen with a massive flip trick
Dannie Carlsen showed off one flip trick after the next! Pic by Hannes Mautner  

Same procedure as last year. Dane Dannie Carlsen won the thrilling final and was officially crowned as Master. The win was well-deserved because with countless flip in and flip out combos Dannie proved once and for all who dominates the rough sea.
Besides master Carlsen Alex Hallford and Joscha Aicher convinced the crowd and the judges with wicked tricks and were crowned as Chief and Chief Mate respectively – a.k.a. they reached the second and third place. The final’s result looked as follows:

1. Dannie Carlsen
2. Alex Hallford
3. Joscha Aicher
4. Farid Ulrich
5. Santino Exenberger
6. Ralf Edlinger
7. Johannes Astleitner
8. Owen Watkins a.k.a. „Sox“
9. Michael Nadler

The lady skaters Julia Brückler and Cathy Marquis had a battle of their own and Julia came out on top.

Prize ceremony at Blue Tomato's The Captain's Quest 2016
Places 1, 2, and 3 at The Captain's Quest 2016! Pic by Daniel Wagner  

The event was a big success and on that note – long live the Captain and stay tuned!

The Captain's Quest 2015 - A floating skateboard adventure

On the 15th of August 2015, a very special skateboard event took place for the first time.
In the middle of a picturesque lake a floating mini ramp,specially constructed for the Blue Tomato “The Captain’s Quest”, attracted 30 top-class skateboarders to the peaceful little Austrian town of Ramsau. Among international cracks like Dannie Carlsen, Tom Penny, David Stenström, Martino Cattaneo, Marco Kada, and Tobi “Albertross” Kupfer a handful of Blue Tomato team riders like Philipp Schusterand Christopher Scherscherjoined in for the battle of the first Captain’s title.


UK Superstar Tom Penny showed continuous flips, Nollie Bigspins, his signature Frontside Flip, and other ill combos during the Friday session. Sadly the ripping came to a sudden end due to a hard slam. It also meant that joining the rest of the crew on Saturday was no longer an option.

Blue Tomato team rider Philipp Schuster who also competed among Europe’s skateboard elite in Ramsau was impressed with the event and the scenery:

Philipp Schuster

Professional skateboarder, Blue Tomato team rider
"The Captain's Quest is a unique event which persuaded even me to participate in a contest once again after many years. The great thing was that pool riders and street skateboarders gathered at an event together and just had some fun. The postcard scenery at the Dachstein massif completed the whole weekend. I'm looking forward to next year !"

It would not remain a unique, one-time-only event for sure. 9 of the 22 competing skaters made it past the semifinals into the final. All of these nine skateboarders could consider themselves "Captains" and lucky winners of some prize money.

Youngster Santino Exenberger with countless tricks on lock – showing the routine of an experienced skateboarder despite his young age – and Dane Dannie Carlsen with a Rock’n’Roll Flip to Fakie on the tomato-shaped extension impressed the judges and both won the “Best Trick” competition.

In the end, it was top dog Dannie Carlsen who achieved a well-deserved first place with countless Blunt Flip Out combinations. Besides The Captain’s Quest 2015 master Carlsen, Martino Cattaneo convinced the judges with gnarly tricks and came in a close second, which got him the title of the “Chief”. The third place, and therefore the title “Chief Mate”, was achieved by Jan Hoffmann. The official final result read as follows:

1. Dannie Carlsen (DK)
2. Martino Cattaneo (SUI)
3. Jan Hoffmann (GER)
4. Marco Kada (AT)
5. Santino Exenberger (AT)
5. Ralf Edlinger (AT)
7. Tobi "Albertross" Kupfer (GER)
8. Johannes Haist (GER)
9. Michael Nadler (AT)

Prize ceremony at Blue Tomato's The Captains Quest skateboard contest 2015
The winners of Blue Tomato's first The Captain's Quest in 2015! Pic by Nico Pfabe  

What a sick event – we could all get used to such weekends!

Find all photos of the 2015 event on Facebook!

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