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4'10 Space Twin Puffin Riversurfboard

Buster 4'10 Space Twin Puffin Riversurfboard

€ 449,95
IVA inclusa escl.i costi di spedizione
Colore: grau
Tempi di consegna solo da 3 a 5 giorni lavorativi
Servizio clienti: +39 0294 750 775
Tabella delle taglie per Buster - Riversurf & Wavepools

High-Performance Riversurf Softboard

The Buster Space Twin Puffin Riversurfboard offers you maximum performance with maximum durability. 
The shape offers a completely new approach in this board class and can be classified as a "Performance Alternative Shape". The shape generates a lot of speed and allows style-oriented high performance surfing.

The look of the surfboard is that of a classic softboard, but the construction is that of a hardtop with a softshell. This makes the surfboards just as stiff and direct to ride as hardtops. The board is made of EPS Foam Core, top laminate with 2 x 6oz fibreglass and a sandwich wood layer that makes the boards insensitive to pressure dings. The bottom laminate is 2 x 4oz fibreglass. The IXPE soft top layer has a "crocodile emboss" structure, which makes surfing without wax possible. 

Fin Setup
Instead of the usual thruster setup, the Space Twin series has a twin fin with stabiliser fin setup. Whether you want to ride the shape as a twin fin or as a twin fin with a small centre fin is a question of personal taste.

In caso di merce danneggiata, ti preghiamo di accettare il pacco con riserva, ti basterà aggiungere la sigla "under reserve" vicino alla tua firma sulla ricevuta di consegna.


  • Caratteristiche
    Per curve veloci e taglienti
  • Caratteristiche
    Surf veloce e divertente
  • Caratteristiche
    Compatibile con FCS
  • Articolo numero: 709241
  • Genere:
    • Uomo
    • Donna
    • Bambino
  • Surfboard shape: Riversurf
  • Caratteristiche della Tavola da Surf: Pinne
  • Livello di riding:
    • Esperto
    • Avanzato
  • Lunghezza: 4'10 ft
    1 ft = 30,48 cm
  • Larghezza: 19.1 inch
    1 inch = 2,54 cm
  • Spessore: 1.6 inch
    1 inch = 2,54 cm
  • Volume: 23.7 liter
  • Resin & Core: Epoxy, EPS Foam Core
  • Construction: Sandwich / Wood / Fibreglass
  • Waxless "crocodile emboss" soft top
  • Impact resistant HDPE bottom layer
  • Fin Setup: FCS I Twin + Stabiliser

Weight table
  • weak wave: 30 - 45 kg
  • medium wave: 40 - 65 kg
  • powerful wave: 60 - 75 kg

  • weak: Bremgarten, Plattling …
  • medium: Floßlände, Almkanal, Cunovo (CZ)
  • powerful: Eisbach, Citywave, Unit Wave, The Wave









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A proposito di Buster

Buster Surfboards shine with the art of German engineering, the strong will to rethink surfboard shaping, and a lot of experience in riversurfing and surfing. Their boards stand out from the mass with ingenious and more inexpensive construction methods and are perfectly adapted to their intended use.