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Amatriain 33.5" Drop Complete

YOW Amatriain 33.5" Drop Complete

$ 242,80 $ 331,44 27 % économisés
TVA incl. frais de port non incl.
Couleur: uni
Service client: +33 1 85 85 01 48
Tableau des tailles pour YOW - Cruisers

A great board to carve and achieve radical surfing moves.

The YOW Complete is the perfect mode of transport for anybody looking to take that surfy feeling to the streets. A super fun board with the style factor for long carves, a smooth ride and featuring a cool design. The board comes with a low kicktail, so jumping over small obstacles is no problem. The complete board comes with 60 mm, 82A wheels. These, of course, improve the already great surf feeling and slide properties of the setup. 7 layers of hard rock maple provide enough stability, at the same time the included ABEC 7 Black bearings give you plenty of speed where needed. 

Riding style
This board is primarily a typical old-school cruiser but, with a combination of different trucks, is also capable of a few casual tricks or the odd bowl session, as well as long cruises along the beachfront or through the streets.

The YOW system
The movement on the YOW board is so similar to the movement on a surfboard, that it can also function as a surf trainer. The same stance, posture, and weight distribution is required just like riding the waves. 


La couleur des roues et des trucks peut varier en raison de la pénurie de stock.


  • Référence n°: 546502
  • Pour:
    • Hommes
    • Femmes
    • Garçons
    • Filles
  • Style de ride: Carving
  • Largeur: 10 inch
    1 pouce = 2,54 cm
  • Longueur (inch): 33,5 inch
  • Longueur (cm): 93,98 cm
    1 pouce = 2,54 cm
  • Empattement: 20 inch
    Distance entre l'avant et l'arrière du truck. 1 pouce = 2,54 cm
  • Largeur du truck: 8,5 inch
    La largeur extérieure du truck comprend la broche qui maintient les roues. La largeur du truck devrait correspondre environ à la largeur de la planche. 1 pouce = 2,54 cm
  • Ø de la roue: 60 mm
  • Dureté des Roues: 82A
    En général, de 75A (doux - silencieux, adhérent) à 101A (dur, rapide, technique)
  • Bande de roulement: 40 mm
  • Catégorie ABEC: 7
  • S4 Sysstem: suitable for advanced or very lightweight riders
  • 33.5″ x 10″ x 20″WB
  • 7 Plies U.S.A. Hard Rock Maple
  • White Full Dip
  • Translucide Jessup Griptape
  • Caliber 8.5″ Standard/Silver Trucks
  • 92A Blood Orange Ultra HR Formula Bushings, Cone & Barrel
  • 11/16″ Black Allen Bolts
  • 5/8″ Black Allen Bolt
  • 2″ Black Allen Bolts
  • 28mm Black Rubber Riser Pad
  • 60x40mm 82A Coral
  • Abec 7 Black Bearings
  • Spacers
  • Spring S4 System
  • Ball Bearing 51100
  • Loquing Screw
  • YOW System Patented

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A propos de YOW

A passion and dream turned reality. YOW surfskate was created by three Spanish brothers who wanted to be able to come together in the same way as they did surfing as youngsters, even when there might not be an ocean near by. YOW surfskate is the closest thing to surfing on land, and its goal is to give you the same happy and relaxed feeling as cruising a wave. Each board is handmade with love and affection in the YOW factory in Spain.