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ABS Carbon Cartridge

$ 190,69
TVA incl. frais de port non incl.
Couleur: silver
Délai de livraison seulement 2 à 5 jours ouvrés
Service client: +33 1 85 85 01 48
Tableau des tailles pour ABS - Sacs airbag

ABS Carbon Cartridge

The ABS-Carbon Cartridge provides the same high-speed gas release system and safety assurance as the steel canister but with around half the weight, giving you increased comfort while skiing or snowboarding over longer periods of time. The special carbon coating ensures durability even in the most extreme conditions. The canister is capable of inflating the 150 litre volume ABS Airbag in under 3 seconds and is an integral component of a system designed to keep the skier from being completely submerged in the event of an avalanche. The ABS system has already saved 70 lives and more off the record. It is essential safety equipment for alpine pursuits on or off-piste. The activation handle holds an explosive capsule and when the handle is triggered, the energy of the capsule activates the cartridge. The capsule can only be used once, but the handle is refillable. Carbon is the 15th most abundant element found in the earth's crust and is used on the surface of modern racing skis and as a hybrid element in ski waxes supporting the world cup and elite North American racing scenes. Electro-thermal purification technology is applied to carbon materials at 3,000C creating a crystalline structure with exceptional purity. In effect, it is stronger, lighter, more durable, efficient and resilient. What are you waiting for?

ATTENTION: Cet article ne peut pas être envoyé par avion en express!


  • Référence n°: 274681
  • Pour:
    • Hommes
    • Femmes
  • Spécification matériel: carbone
  • Type de Sac à Dos d'Avalanche: Cartouche
  • Carbon-fibre coating
  • High-tensile strength with a burst pressure of at least 1020 bar
  • Filled weight: approx. 280 g
  • Refillable

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