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Opsin All White Laskettelulasit

POC Opsin All White Laskettelulasit

$ 84,80 $ 121,17 Säästit 30 %
Sisältää ALV:n ei sisällä Toimituskuluja
Väri: neutral grey
Toimitusaika vain 3-6 arkipäivää
Asiakaspalvelu: +358 942 450 010
Kokotaulukko: POC - Lumilautailulasit

Opsin Clarity Comp

The Opsin Clarity Comp ski goggles are designed to inspire trust in vision in competition settings.< br />< br />The goggles are designed for the very high speeds of ski racing and feature Clarity Comp lenses, developed in collaboration with optical industry leaders Carl Zeiss. The cylindrical double lenses feature tints created to enhance contrast and vision for short periods of intensity, where nothing less than perfect sight will do.< br />< br />The cylindrical lens shape is optimized for a very wide field of view with minimal distortion. The lenses are easily interchangeable, meaning that any user can simply and quickly switch to the right lens for prevailing conditions.< br />< br />Features such as triple layer face foam and a soft frame ensure the Opsin Clarity Comp ski and snowboard goggles stay comfortable and flexible in even the coldest conditions. The Opsin Clarity Comp is ideal for medium-large faces. < br />< br />The Opsin Clarity Comp is designed specifically for competition and as such features high-density ventilation foam to prevent too much airflow at very high speeds, thereby providing unparalleled competition vision.< br />< br />Clarity and Clarity Comp lenses, Cat 1–3, are available as spares. A soft goggle pouch is included with purchase.


  • Yksityiskohdat
    Vaihteleviin olosuhteisiin
  • Artikkelinro.: 627934
  • Valitse:
    • Miehille
    • Naisille
  • Materiaalin määrittely: Frame: TPU 90,63%, Polyurethane 9,38%, Lens: PC 76,19%, CP 22,62%,
  • Paino: 170.0 g
  • Valon siirto (%): 26 Percent
    Prosenttiluku valon määrästä, joka läpäisee linssin. Korkeampi prosentti sopii hyvin vähemmän valoisiin olosuhteisiin ja pienempi prosentti on parempi kirkkaisiin päiviin.
  • Lasien ominaisuudet: Lieriömäinen linssi
  • Linssipinnoite: Peilaava
  • Conforms to CE EN174:2001 and ASTM F659
  • Cylindrical lens for minimal optical distortion
  • Clarity Comp cat. 2 lens, VLT 22%, from Zeiss – ideal for competition settings
  • Triple-layer face foam for added comfort
  • Silicone grip on the inside of the strap
  • Anti-scratch and anti-fog treated
  • Soft goggle pouch and no-mirror lens included with purchase

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