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Salt & Silver

Salt & Silver - Travelling, surfing and cooking as three simultaneous professions

It's been a few years now since we received an e-mail from the two Hamburg surfers Johannes "Jo" Riffelmacher und Thomas "Cozy" Kosikowski offering us to be part of their "culinary surftrip". Since food is always a good thing and surfing isn’t that bad either we were immediately hooked on that deal and looking forward to breathtaking surf edits, enormous waves, exotic meals and a big portion of wanderlust.

Like a well-prepared dish Salt & Silver's first cookbook just went through the roof. By now they've published three successful books available at your local book dealer: "Reisen Surfen, Kochen", "Travel, Surf, Cook" (the English equivalent to their first published book) and "Tacos, Tequila, Tattoos" (whose English equivalent is in the making). Because food should be a universal language, spoken all over the globe.

"We couldn't imagine where this trip would bring us eventually when we were standing at the Havanna airport in Cuba with nothing but our surfboards and some cameras in the middle of the night."

Book #1 - Travel, Surf, Cook

Travel, Surf, Cook - The first cookbook from Salt & Silver

"Telling you all the stories in only a few sentences is impossible, they hardly fit on 300 pages - see for yourself."

"Travel, Surf, Cook" from Salt & Silver is not a conventional cookbook. On more than 300 impressive pages it leads you into an exotic Latin American world full of flavors and adventures, which are way beyond belief. And since the mental and physical well-being is not only based on soulfood the book features more than 30 fine surf spots, which will let passionate surfers book the next flight right away. This surf and cookbook is the ultimate must-have for any action sports addicted traveller!

  • more than 300 pages
  • more than 90 recipes
  • more than 30 surf spots
  • plenty of travel tips and exciting stories

Book #2 - Tacos, Tequila, Tattoos

Tacos, Tequila Tattoos - The second cookbook from Salt & Silver

With the success of their first book Salt & Silver didn't rest, but went right for their next 3-months adventure. Again they collected images and recipes in the hundreds and created another inspiring cookbook. This time the journey took them to their favourite country of choice Mexico.

The result produced by Salt & Silver were yet again chosen recipes and itchy feet inducing surf footage, which show that Mexico is more than mafia and Chili con Carne.

Cozy: "We thought we'd learned a lot about Mexican food during our first trip in 2014, but we were so wrong! For this book we delved deeper into the Mexican culture and cuisine than we have ever before."
Jo: "We've been to Tequila and drank Tequila – but what really knocked our socks off was Mezcal, the big brother of Tequila. Find out more about the drink in our book."

  • 288 fascinating pages
  • Over 80 tasty recipes
  • Crazy stories about coyotes, whale sharks & rocker bars
  • The best tattoo artists in Mexico
  • Only available in German

The Hamburg duo Salt & Silver knows exactly how to blow our minds with the perfect symbiosis of cookbook, surf guide and travel report, which will stir the blood of every gourmet plagued by wanderlust.

Convince yourself and dive in to the world of sensational recipes, which will take your taste buds on an intense food journey, whilst drinking in images you only know from serious travel guides. There's nothing left to say for us than ¡Ay caramba! We take our sombreros off to Jo and Cozy for those two masterpieces - and probably more to come...

Read them like a book - without words

Those books are not all there is to the two sympathetic Hamburg guys. Check out our exclusive silent interview to get a sneak peak behind the curtain of Jo and Cozy's world. A standard interview wouldn't have lived up to the creative heads behind Salt & Silver. That's why we let them pose and express themselves - the result is more than just plain pictures.

Arguments during travel

"Did you argue at times?"

Cooking or surfing

"Cooking or surfing?"

Salt & Silver in 10 years

"Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?"

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