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Making of summer catalogue 2017

Making Of Blue Tomato Summer Catalog 2017

Summer catalog shooting 2017 in Bilbao

Time is passing quickly! Winter says its goodbyes and summer is coming up. In good sense, that you soon want to dress up yourself with the latest summer trends, we started with our preparations already one year ago. So that we can now, absolutely in time, present you our brand new summer catalogue. For one year, nearly every department, our models and photographers Sam Strauss and Marcel Lämmerhirtput their heart and soul into the project summer catalog 2017. So let’s get round to the crucial question: What’s behind a catalog like this? What needs to be done before our catalog lies fresh of the press and polished on your kitchen table?

Let us take you on an exciting journey with lots of sun, shootings, hundreds of samples and hard office work. Until the final Blue Tomato summer catalog baby is born.

Shooting-Time in Bilbao

Summer catalog shooting 2017 in Bilbao

One of the most important decisions for the catalog are already made in summer 2016. The boys and girls from the buying department are about to figure out the best trends of the upcoming summer for you. About 2.000 products want to be found and put together to great, flattering outfits.

So we checked out for you, what you absolutely shouldn’t mi ss this year. Stripes, shirt dresses, seabags, rose blush in all variations and shiny shoes are a must for all girls. For the guys cropped pants, sleeve prints, surf tees and unstructured hats are in line with the trend.

Parallel to the buying department, the marketing and product management writes the intros, trends as well as editorial texts and descriptions for about 1.810 products. Afterwards our translators get down to work and translate everything into 3 more languages (English, Italian and French).

Summer catalog shooting 2017 in Bilbao

In October it’s finally shooting-time! So into the car with 5 surfboards, 15 skateboards, about 900 samples and 3 passengers – cozy. And off it goes to Bilbao, Spain, to put the summer trends into the right light or surrounding.

In the beginning of our journey, we are doing a stopover in Moliets, France. At the camp of some friends it’s skating the bowl, feasting and gazing the beautiful sunset, before it goes on to Spain the next day. As we arrived, the first two shooting days weren’t as sunny as we hoped for, but we already know that one from our last shootings. It applies: always make the best of it! So shooting spots are discovered and yummi Pinchos devoured. At last our models won’t gain weight. They live our lifestyle and are keen skaters and surfers and know each other for a long time already.

That’s not just important to get authentic shoots for our catalog. A shooting is a 24h job, where you’re working and chilling together within confined space all the time. But same interests and attitudes make the whole thing easy going. Surf camp atmosphere at its finest. Cooking, hanging out together, inviting and meeting friends. That’s how our models, photographers and Art Director completed their days.

10.000 pictures, 10 days, 5.600 km and 60 h of driving later everything is in the box.

Selection and print

Summer catalog shooting 2017 in Bilbao

The computers are running hot. From now on its digging deep into the keys and hours of optimizing and testing. The best photos got selected, edited and put together with the text to a first, second,.. and eventually final layout. Unbelievable but during this time seven different computer programs are used to merge all information.

Now the crucial phase is on: The catalog is finally ready and Blue Tomato employees are of course the best employees in the world but they are still human and mistakes sneak in every once in a while.

After working at full blast against the time, we now can swipe off the last beads of sweat from our foreheads. Everything has been checked over and over again, until even the last small mistakes have been removed. All is done till the deadline and the decisive day is just around the corner: the final print! From here on the printing department assumes and the truck with pallets of our freshly printed, brand new summer catalogs gets up the driveway about one week later.

Curious about the final product? Then order the Blue Tomato Summer Catalog 2016 into your house or check it out online.