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No matter if it’s cruising, dancing, sliding or going downhill, today’s longboards are offering countless opportunities to enjoy hot summer days. Being faced with so many different options, the choice might be a tough one, since not every shape is suitable for any road trip. To make sure your decision will be a perfect one, we bundled all our expert knowledge and created a nice little summary about the longboard facts worth knowing – shapes, styles and (of course) loads of steez.


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All Longboard Shapes - Overview


Madrid Skateboards Freeriding
© Madrid Skateboards





When choosing a freeride board, only the sky is the limit. No matter if you want to go switch after a slide or bomb down a hill, the symmetrical shape will never bail on you.


The best setting for these types of boards is a so called drop thru truck construction. In combination with wide trucks and harder wheels this is the embodiment of stability and will be your definite weapon for never-ending asphalt-slides. All in all Freeride Boards are perfect all-rounders due to their wide stance – no matter if you are a rookie or pro.

Loaded Orangatang Boardwalking
© Binobong





You always wanted to combine skateboarding with longboarding and bring the flair of new school and old school tricks to the streets? Then you will fall in love and head over heels with Boardwalking! Times where you just have only marveled kick flips are over since with these boards almost anything is possible.


The shape is are a mixture in between skate and longboard and therefore has a tail and a nose, which will enable you to do flip tricks and as well Manuals blindfolded. Even tough the steering is not as agile as with other shapes there is no limit when it comes to tricks – be the hero of the park and impress your pals and girls with massive longboard tre-flips!

Dimension Two Cruising
© Dimension TWO Longboards




All started with the Cruising Decks and ‘silver skater’ certainly will remember those skateboards from their childhood days. The cruising shape offers you a comfortable stance and a mighty kick tail which allows easy maneuvers and small jumps. These boards are the perfect set up for skate parks, pools and people who love to cruise around in urban areas.


The setting can be chosen similar to a skateboard and even be improved with smooth wheels. With a cruiser you definitely will find yourself transferred into the old, vintage times where this brilliant trend was born.


Dimension Two Carving
© Dimension TWO Longboards





WTF?! A surfboard with wheels? – Exactly! In Carving Boards you can see the origin of longboarding right away. Back then surfers were looking for an alternative for flat days and tried to install wheels on planks or surfboards – the Carving Board was born. Nowadays this shape has become the incarnation of excellent performance since their pin/kick tail grants sick corner maneuvering and due to their wide stance these boards also suit very well for beginners.


If you are a skater looking for an unforgettable driving experience and want to bring some chilled surf flair to the streets, then you are dead right here.

Loaded Orangatang Speedboarding
© Christian Rosillo





This category is dedicated to all the speed freaks out there that need to have their daily adrenalin rush.


The shape of these boards reminds us of Calmar’s heads and offers an extremely tough deck that usually is made of 7-9 layers of maple wood and therefore is almost indestructible – no crash to tough no slide to massive. Mostly the trucks are quite wide and are put on in the drop thru way, which provides a lower stance and therefore loads of stability and smoothness, which will make you go as quick as greased lightning. But please: never go downhill without the proper protective equipment!



The Blue Tomato Online Shop offers an incredible range of shapes and boards - so let yourself be inspired by our little guide, choose the perfect companion and have the summer of your life cruising, carving or heading down endless roads!


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