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Touring: Freeriding with snowboard and freeride skis far from mass tourism

This season, the ascent with splitboards and skis is again a hot topic. When you are one of the countless powder junkies and want to go touring, than you need the right freeride ski or –board. Furthermore, you should be able to count on your snow wear. Gore Tex Products offer, for example, the perfect mix of comfort and protection. Because freeriding in the backcountry can be dangerous, you need the right basic equipment, to reduce the risk in the powder. This equipment consists of: a snowboard helmet, an avalanche transceiver, a shovel and a probe. Moreover, an avalanche backpack can save your life in case of an avalanche.

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Ascent with a snowboard: splitboards, binding systems, skins and telescopic poles

If every day riding on the slope or in the park is too boring for you and you want to discover new and untracked powder slopes, then a splitboard is the right thing for you. No one will tell you where to ride; you are the only one who decides about the next turn, pillow or drop. A splitboard consists of two parts, and ascending with them is similar to ascending with touring skis: special skins make it possible to ascent quickly. For the descent you put the skins in your backpack or pocket, you put the two (in case of Salomon even more) parts together to get a full-fledged snowboard with which you can enjoy the fresh, untracked powder. All boards have the same hole-patterns and you can choose between Voilé, Karakoram or Rossignols Plum. Furthermore, you need bindings that are suitable for touring with the Voilé system: Spark R&D, Voilé Lightrail, SP United or Völkl splitboard bindings and K2 Kwicker. The latter can only be used in combination with a Kwicker boot. Telescopic poles are a big help during the ascent. You can adjust them to your body height and pack them in your (avalanche) backpack during the descent.

Touring with Freeski: Freeride Ski, Touring binding and skins for the ascent

Touring with skis is less complicated, because in theory you can use every Freeski for the ascent. However, riding off-piste and in powder is easier with the higher buoyancy of a hybrid rocker freeride ski with a light set back. The skins have to be wide and long enough for your skis. You can change touring bindings by Atomic, Marker, Salomon and Tyrolia from hike to descent modus. WTR ski boots (Walk-to-Ride) are a must-have in combination with the special bindings. You can change these boots from walk to ride modus, which makes the boots softer during the ascent and harder during the descent. Ski- or telescopic poles in the right length, with large baskets and sharp points support you during your tour.