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ISPO INTERVIEW: 10 questions for Kalle

At this year’s ISPO 2015 in Munich we ran into our team rider Kalle Ohlson and there were a lot of new things Kalle had to tell us about his recent projects. Of course we were excited and curious to hear about all he had to tell us about his project Blue Parks and insisted on a short interview. Enjoy reading!

Photo of Blue Tomato team rider Kalle Ohlson at the ISPO 2015
Always in a good mood: Kalle Ohlson at the ISPO 2015

Hey Kalle! What's up in the north, has winter struck harder in Scandinavia than it has in the Alps?
Hello Blue Tomato! As of now it seems like winter has struck Europe. Up north in Scandinavia there are tons of snow, and from time to time even snow in the southern end of our long country, Sweden.

What have you been up to so far this season, already went for some street spots?
I’ve been riding a bunch of resorts early season to get warm. Had one trip to northern Finland with Vans where we shot some street spots. Great trip, horrible conditions! This was before all the snow came and we stayed in Rovaniemi. That’s the very top of Finland and around x-mas times up there, there is barely any light which makes it pretty depressing, hehe. They do have Santa Claus land though, I guess it’s Finland’s version of Disney Land! Since January I’ve just been slaying Pow :)!

Alright then, enough small talk, we're here for business: Blue Parks - tell me about it!
It’s a project that me and a good friend Magnus came up with about 3 years ago. We wanted to create something around snowboarding which is our passions. The result was Blue Parks. A grassroots action sports project (as of now only available on snow:)). It’s important to give something back to your ”sport” and to be honest I think it’s pretty fun as well! The name Blue Parks come from the idea of always having a fun and creative ”blue line” where ever we host an event! The Blue line in the park is the medium/easy line, which is the line that can be fun and can be used for all riders if you built it and use it right!

Kalle Ohlson on a group foto with the Blue Parks Eurocamp participants
The master and his trainees: Blue Parks group picture with Kalle Ohlson on 2996 a.s.l. at Dachstein Glacier, Austria.

So a kids' contest series turned snowboard camp and now turned clothing label?
All this was in the plan from stage 1, however we have made a few roller coster turns on the way :). The Blue Parks Kids Tour is how we started out Blue Parks. An open contest series for Kids up to 16 years old. The series is going well and is very appreciated, so the next step was to make a camp, so then came Blue Parks Eurocamp presented by Blue Tomato, and now we have a small range of Blue Parks Products. It’s good products for some fun shred days, my personal favorite is the Jersey we have! Selling our products helps us grow faster and gives us opportunities to come up with more Events and camps on more locations, which is our goal!

So you're not in it for the big bucks, but for spreading the word?
At the moment I’m spending the bucks if anything :)! But it’s a fun project and the future looks bright! The main goal is to help action sports to grow, especially snowboarding which is close to my heart, but it’s also for me to have something fun to work with when I go well over 30 and my body is in 3 pieces :)!

So far your collection only consists of three pieces: A beanie in collaboration with Hoppipolla, a pair of simple, classic shades and a baseball jersey. Why a jersey though? Where you a baseball pro in your former life?
Haha. I’m just a big fan of baseball jerseys and I’m also inspired by the way the Americans can entertain and let people feel a part of something. That’s something I wanna bring to Blue Parks! We want everyone to feel like they are invited for the good times, and all our events! Let’s just say the Jersey is our ”Team shirt” and our team is for all shredders!

Any plans for more pieces? Maybe a baseball glove next?
Haha. Step by step. We put more focus on our camps and events, but a few more things will pop up in the line in the future! Baseball glove is no priority though ;)!

Ok no baseball gloves then. You got your signature gloves with JBMC anyways, right?
Yes sir. And I’m super excited about them! They even have my punched in face on ’em! haha. That’s the only glove I whore all last season!

Give our readers a good reason to get their hands on a Blue Parks Jersey, Beanie or Shade now:
The fit is really great on all products, they look fresh at a good price and lastly, you’ll help out making a better world for all riders out there!

Thanks Kalle for your answers - if you want to say hi to your mom, this is the right moment.
Hi mom! Love you!

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