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Interview with Julia Brückler

So Julia, let’s start: Are you ready? Passport is valid? Just booked the flight? Reserved a rental car? Checked the hotel?
Always prepared! Nike SB provides me with the flight, everything else has already been booked in the last few weeks.

You are the first Austrian who has ever been invited to the Summer X Games. Congratulations! Tell us, how did you hear about this!
Mimi Knoop – almost a legend in the Vert skating and a member of the Action Sports Alliance, an organization for female skateboarding, which is also responsible for the selection of participants in the X Games – contacted me, few days later I got the official invitation of ESPN.



Do you think your latest published Youtube video has helped?
Yes, definitely. If I have a new clip, I usually send it to all sorts of skateboard platforms. The Alliance became aware of me again. After I had sent them my contest results of last year, I received an invitation!

If you missed it, here is Julia’s current Youtube video:

Will this be your first time overseas or have you ever been there? And did you already skate on American spots?
When I was a child, I have been there several times, but unfortunately I didn't skateboard those days.

Will you stay longer before or after the event and make American spots unsafe?
Yes, I’ll be there for few days before the actual event and look forward to all the spots and parks!

The who-is-who of the female skate scene will be at the X Games, but most are from the U.S. or Brazil. Do you already know the other girls?
Since I took part in World Cups from time to time in the past few years , I know about half of the girls already personally . They are very nice and I am looking forward to cool sessions!

You are one of only 12 invited riders - statistically you have a 8.3 % chance of winning and 25 % standing on the podium- how do you estimate your chance? Have you set a goal or is it the taking part that counts?
My biggest dream comes true only with the invitation, which means I already reached my goal! :o) For the contest, I would like to take part in the final - top 6 would definitely be a great success!

Julia Brückler Team Skate
Copyright by Michael Dietrich

How do you prepare yourself for the contest? Will it be different than for other contests?
No, not really. I just skate and try to be as fit as possible. Of course, you look at the layout of the park and try similar spots...

How is your schedule until the beginning of June? Have the X Games messed it up or can you manage everything?
Without the X Games, I would have gone back to Berlin to Suck my Truck, but I waive under these circumstances!

What was your biggest contest actually and was that even comparable with the X Games ?
As already mentioned I have participated in some World Cups, but I think that the X Games are a different league. I 'm very excited!

What do you think about the European versus the American skate scene? So many American guys dominate the SOTY (Skater of the Year) lists. Most pros that can earn their livelihood with skateboarding also come from the States. What’s your opinion?
In America, the basic requirements are just different. Countless spots and gigantic parks - the chance is simply larger to develop fast, but in Europe are some people at the start!

In snowboarding you can hear that women (apart from physical conditions) are almost in nothing inferior to the men - especially the style is often praised. How is this in skateboarding?
Honestly, in my eyes, the women don't stand a chance against the guys in snowboarding, as well as in skateboarding. On one hand, it is because there are more men who operate these sports, on the other hand, "women skateboarding“ has been an issue for a shorter time only.

You coach in the Area23 skate hall in Vienna – has it made the round among the course participants that they have a future X Games athlete as a teacher?
Yes, sure, but I am not a person who let all in on how successful I am. The children shall skate and have fun, that's all that matters!

How many girls do you coach and have it already changed because of your X Games participation or do you think it will change?
We have about 20 % girls at the workshops. It is possible that through my presence in the media, it will become even more, if the parents might read an article about me and think "My daughter should do this too".

Julia Brückler Team Skate
Copyright by Mary Sweet (www.marysweet.fr)

What would you recommend to other girls who don’t have the guts standing on a skateboard? How do you motivate your fosterlings in the hall?
Everybody has started once and no one can be super good at skateboarding immediately. Where would be the challenge? Everyone will fall off and maybe someone will laugh or make a stupid comment. It was the same when I started skateboarding. The only embarrassing thing is not trying at all!

And to be a bit nerdy - which setup are you going to take with you to Austin? What hardware do you trust?
I am skating Element Boards for some time now and I am very satisfied. Last summer I changed to wider boards (currently 8,375 . Matching Destructo trucks and new Bones Wheels can not be missed of course!

You were not represented on Facebook, just recently there is the Julia Brückler official fan page - were the X Games the trigger or was it already planned anyway?
Something was already planned that way. It is simply inevitable to have a web presence in any way, not only to post about news but also to be reachable. The X Games and many inquiries were the finally decision.

We have already arrived at the end and now out of here and into the hall with you!
We will keep our fingers crossed for you and looking forward to your stories!

Thank you! I’ll keep you informed via Blue Tomato and my Facebook page (Julia BRUECKLER)!

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