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Mario Käppeli's "Coming Home"

The name reflects the content. In “Coming Home” Blue Tomato Team Rider Mario Käppeli tells us how he came to snowboarding, about his beginnings as a pro and his return back home.

Looking back on his career, which started as a kid in the mountains, we learn more about the life as a pro snowboarder flying around the world and competing in the best contests, and also that this might not be a smooth ride all the way. For Mario, who started shredding his local parks early with his friends, the main component of snowboarding has to be fun. And that’s exactly why, after numerous contests and many film productions like Forum’s Team Movies, the guy from Switzerland now returns to his homebase, where the focus of snowboarding lies on fun, friends and nature.

With the persuasion that, with a little persistence, you can also find awesome powder runs here in Europe, without expensive trips to Canada, Japan etc. as well as a strong connection to nature and the mountains, Mario Käppeli’s life changed from chasing the dream of landing the podium to a far more free one. With his buddies Tom Klocker and Mario Wanger he now only shreds where it is fun and also likes to record this on camera. See for yourselves and check out his new movie “Coming Home”:

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