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The Blue Tomato skateboard team at Woodcamp Poland

The Blue Tomato skateboard team has been invited to stay one week at Woodcamp Poland, to skate, film and chill with the local kids and of course having a great time!
The two teamriders of the Blue Tomato Shop Rosenheim - Moritz Bacher and Matthias Tita - didn´t let this invitation slip. Additionally they took Andreas "Andal" Hainz from the Blue Tomato Shop München with them. The crew has been rounded off by shop Munich staff member Max Rudek and filmer Robert Blümel. Together they started their long journey to Poland. The long way was worth it, the guys got mindblown by the setup, the brandnew Skateplaza and the many opportunities of the camp.



Max has sent us some photos, which he has taken with his smartphone, to give you a small foretaste to the clip. It will follow soon!

Blue Tomato Signature Session at the Woodcamp in Poland Blue Tomato Signature Session with many blue balloons!

Moritz Bacher and Robert Blümel talking about the best recordingangel Moritz Bacher and Robert Blümel talking about the best recording angle

Miniramp at Woodcamp Poland by rain Rain? - Whatever - miniramp is always good for some fun!

Stay tuned for the clip! And you better mark your calendar for next summer - skateboardcamp Woodward Poland!

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