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A day with Anna Gasser

Everybody that somehow is involved in snowboarding definitely knows who she is. Our Anna Gasser is certainly one of the best snowboarders worldwide and always surprises us with how safely she can land her tricks even in bad conditions.

Rather difficult were the conditions also at this year’s Pleasure Jam where the snowboarding elite came together at Superpark Planai, Schladming. Also our Blue Tomato Team Riders were well represented by Mathias Weißenbacher und Clemens Millauer. Although there was a lot of wind and bad sight Anna Gasser made it to the second place, close behind the British winner Katie Ormerod.

We used Anna’s visit to our home town Schladming to follow her for one day with a camera. Check out the video and learn how a typical contest day looks like, what she likes best about contests, how she chooses her tricks and much more!

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