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Odisea - Alaska au fil de l'eau

One of them is a professional surfer, the other one a snowboard prodigy, and together Damien Castera and Mathieu Crepel head to Alaska to dare an incredible tour through the far north of America – here is Odisea in five episodes.


This expedition takes the two Frenchmen in five weeks from the peaks of Alaska’s glaciers on snow and water all the way to the Gulf of Alaska. Beginning in Blue Tomato Team Rider Mathieu Crepel’s element, they put up their base camp in the middle of nowhere and start by enjoying countless sick freeride tours in the glaciers. While Mathieu feels like home, Damien first of all has to get used to the cool white massifs in order to keep up.

The first episode takes the two pros to Alaska where they fly with all their gear and stuff they might need into the peaks to start their exciting journey from there on. The planned expedition by rafting on water and melted snow links the glacier peaks with the Gulf of Alaska where the two guys plan to surf in the end. What Mathieu Crepel and Damien Castera experience on their trip, how they handle the, for both new and unfamiliar, setting of big rivers and if they meet the gold digger they were hoping for, we will all find out in the next weeks.

Here is episode 1:

In the second episode of their Alaska expedition Mathieu Crepel and Damien Castera fully commit themselves to the immaculate universe of the glacier, where they first set up their camp.

Where Mathieu Crepel enjoys this paradise, Damien Castera has to get used to hiking and climbing mountains for hours before getting into a few seconds ride. In episode 2 of "L’Alaska au fil de l’eau" both of them push their boundaries. Will Damien be able to ride the steepest slope, just like Mathieu predicted in the beginning, or will the steep ascend already stop him?

See yourself – here comes episode 2:

After some exciting days at the glacier, which pro surfer Damien Castera and Mathieu Crepel spent with splitboard tours, they now get on their way down to the valley. With all their camping and travelling equipment they ride to the very end of the glacier where spring already transforms it into water.

First they travel on inflatable pack rafts so they don’t get stuck in the shallow creeks, before they switch to a traditional canoe that carries them through the endless woods of Alaska. Their friendship and patience is put to test when they try to find the gold digger Nicolai, whom they know from a friend. After a short detour they get to spend a couple of days with Nicolai in the woods where they learn more about gold digging and the history of the world.

Surrounded by nature in its purest and unspoiled state, they go west, always aiming for the big ocean.

Here is Episode 3:

Finally arrived at the sea, Mathieu Crepel and Damien Castera set up their camp at the bottom of Mount St. Elias. But then thick mist and heavy rainfalls upset their plan of surfing. While Damien is frustrated that he can’t share his passion with Mathieu, they are again surrounded by a setting that couldn’t be more natural. There are orcas and seals swimming in the sea and eagles flying high above them.

While waiting for waves, Mathieu and Damien pay a visit to a Native American community near the camp, the village of the Yakutat of the tribe Tlingits, where they encounter endless hospitality. They get to learn a lot about life and the real meaning of their trip seems to be gradually appearing.

Check out, how they fight the complexity of the sea and meet new extraordinary people!

Here is episode 4

In the last part of their adventure, a weather window gives new hope to Mathieu and Damien. Finally, they get to surf and teach their new friend Noah of the Tlingits how to really enjoy the waves. As the conditions are getting better they spend hours in the water until suddenly an unexpected visitor disturbs. But the two Frenchmen don’t let an orca end their surf session, especially as they have been waiting for it for too long.

With the sun also the good mood comes back to the camp and as they are really lucky, the sky clears up on their very last day and they can finally see impressive Mount St. Elias reunited with the ocean.

At the bottom of the mountains and their glaciers, Damien’s and Mathieu’s journey along the course of water comes to an end. An adventure that didn’t only bring epic snowboard and surf sessions but also taught them that life outdoors might be the best medicine.

Here is the final episode of Odisea:

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