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Silent Interviews  | 

Silent Interview with Mathias Weißenbacher

We talked to our Snowboard Team Rider Mathias Weißenbacher aka Hiasl about injuries, his best poses and many more exciting topics. He was so excited that he ran out of words – therefore: here are his answers for you in many nice pics.

How do you say ‘hi’ to a hot girl?

That’s how saying hello to the ladies looks like


What’s your best grimace?

So good-looking


What’s your face expression when going over a huge kicker?

Hiasl fully concentrated


How many boards do you break each year?

Many sacrificed boards


Your body goes through a lot when you’re a Big Air snowboarder – what was your worst injury?

Ouch: Hiasl’s worst injury


What part of your body haven't you injured yet?

Only little parts on his body


With which pose do you impress the snow bunnies on the mountain?

That’s how Hiasl impresses all the snow bunnies


You surf a lot – how big was your biggest wave?

No wave is too big


Imagine, you ride a big barrel – how does this look like?

He also looks good on a surfboard


Which pose do you use to impress the beach babes?

And that’s how Hiasl impresses on the beach


What is your secret talent besides snowboarding?

Hiasl is also talented in the kitchen


What is your biggest weakness?

Oh, is somebody being upset


In an earlier interview you told us you are rarely on time – did you manage to change your ways?

Always on time

All these pics were taken during our annual Blue Tomato Snowboard Teamgathering in June, where our riders came together on our homebase, the Dachstein - find more information here.

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