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Silent Interview: Mario Käppeli

Team Rider Mario Käppeli uses all of his charm for this silent interview. You can find the naked truth how the ‘coolest kid on earth’ thinks about groupies, rails, alternative jobs and much more, right here.

Pleasure Mag once called you ‘the coolest kid on earth’ – are you really that cool?

Mario as coolest kid on earth


What totally annoys you about snowboarding?

Stinky snowboard boots suck


What would you do if you didn’t become a snowboard pro?

Mario’s alternative job


What is your face expression when riding a massive kicker?

Nice face expression


Which trick is your favorite?

Mario’s favorite trick


How much do you love rails?

No love for rails


How many avalanches did you trigger this year?

Avalanches: the risk of the backcountry


Would you consider yourself a star?

Mario Käppeli – born to be a star


How will life be like after your snowboard career?

That’s how Mario is retiring


From our own experience we know that you love to undress yourself in front of a camera – why?

Not a shy guy


How much do you miss Forum Snowboards?

Mario mourning for Forum


What is your second favorite hobby (besides snowboarding)?

What is Mario’s second favorite hobby?


How often do you go pumping (fitness)?

Give us ten


What’s your favorite tattoo?

What a sweet teddy bear


How do you handle groupies?

No love for groupies


What is your secret passion?

Who or what might be Mario’s secret passion?

By the way: this silent interview took place during our annual Blue Tomato Snowboard Teamgathering in June on the Dachstein - find more information here.

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