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Silent Interviews  | 

Silent Interview with Anna Gasser and Clemens Millauer

Interviews with our, partly pretty bonkers, team riders always are an experience we are looking forward to do and which give us something to laugh. To put these interviews to the next level we asked our beloved riders some questions which they were only allowed to answer by posing for a photo. Believe it or not: Snowboard Team Riders Anna Gasser and Clemens Millauer almost got rolled over by their own volcano-like outbursts of creativity and they really do prove even without big words.

Who's the better snowboarder?

They agree: Clemens rides better


Whom does Hasi (Burton Team Manager) like best?

Anna is Hasi's favorite


For how long have you known each other?

They know each other for three years now


How many months a year do you see each other?

They definitely see each other regularly


You spend a lot of time together - do you annoy each other sometimes?

Sometimes they can annoy each other


Who is the bigger drama queen?

Of course, none of them is a drama queen


And who is crazier?

Every now and then, Clemens freaks out


What are your biggest sins?

Clemens and Anna are sweet innocent angels


Many of our team riders have lots of tattoos – what do you think about that?

Anna isn’t into tattoos – Clemens somehow is


What parts of your body did you break?

(Comment: That’s supposed to show their backs (; ) Unfortunately, fractures are pretty common in snowboarding />
<h3>You both are pretty fearless – but are there any kickers that are too high? </h3>
<img src=


We rarely see you in powder – how are your powder skills?

They aren’t too comfortable in powder


Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?

The only way for them is up


How annoyed are you by questions about your Double Cork?

If Anna gets asked a lot about her Double Cork?


How often do people ask you about your Double Cork?

Her Double Cork made her famous


We ask one more: What does your Double Cork face look like?

Anna’s face when doing a Double Cork


Your recently got awarded the most beautiful female athlete in Austria – what do you think about that?

Anna got voted the most beautiful Austrian athlete


What do you think about Anna getting awarded the most beautiful female athlete in Austria?

Clemens is very proud of his Anna

All silent interviews with our Blue Tomato Team Riders took place during the annual Blue Tomato Teamgathering - here you can find more information about the Blue Tomato Snowboard Teamgathering.

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