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Snowboard - The board that means the world

At Blue Tomato we love and live everything that has to do with snowboarding. Since our company's foundation more than 30 years ago, we have been firmly rooted in the heart of the Austrian Alps. We enjoy every second in the mountains so concentrate on providing you with the best equipment and high quality accessories for snowboarding. Besides the latest boards we also have bindings and boots for every style.

Buying the right snowboard

It is important that you are honest with yourself when choosing the right snowboard. If you buy the right one, you will have more fun and learn more quickly. Many factors play a role in the selection, which we explain in detail in our Buyer’s Guide. There you can also find size charts, which will show you what snowboard length you need.
In our product descriptions you will find detailed information about the individual snowboards. We explain you for what and for who the board is suitable, what flex it has and how it is constructed. With this information you can decide more easily which board suits you best. If you need more help, our colleagues in both the shops and the Customer Service are always there for you.
Whether Burton, Capita, Jones or Lib Tech, we already wish you lots of fun shredding - keep on riding.

Snowboards for women, men and kids

At Blue Tomato you will not only find snowboards for different terrain, but also special snowboards for men, snowboards for women and snowboards for kids. After all, every rider has different requirements, which is what the snowboards are constructed for. Women are often smaller and lighter, so the boards are softer and shorter.

Snowboards for big feet

Shoe size 44 and larger are not uncommon for men. For these big feet there are wide snowboards. Tip: Pay attention to your shoe size when buying.

The different riding styles

Whether for park, carving turns on freshly prepared slopes or untouched deep-snow slopes. At Blue Tomato you are guaranteed to find the right snowboard for every riding style.

Snowboards for tricks

Freestyle snowboards are the best for park and pipe. They are designed with more flexibility and lots of pop, which helps you to jump. With the symmetrical twin tip shape they ride well in both directions. So it doesn't matter if you're riding regular, goofy or switch.

The perfect all-rounder

If you are riding the whole mountain, all mountain snowboards are a good choice. You can ride all terrain with them, but the most fun they offer is carving on the slopes. The mixture of stability and flexibility is ideal for fast descents and backcountry trips.

Snowboards for powder

Freeride snowboards feel most at home on untracked powder slopes, steep terrain and lonely peaks. They are designed for a lot of buoyancy in deep snow, which saves you a lot of energy when riding. They give you a feeling that we usually only know from surfing. This way they put a smile on your face with every turn.

Splitboards - Snowboards for touring

The range of splitboards increases from season to season. Almost every brand has at least one in its quiver. They are the ideal solution for snowboarders who seek their luck away from the ski areas and pistes. During the ascent the splitboard is used similar to touring skis with skins and poles. For the descent it becomes a full-fledged snowboard again in just a few easy steps. You can read more about this topic in the Splitboard Buyer's Guide.

Camber, Rocker or Flat - The different profiles

We define the snowboard profiles into four groups: Camber, Rocker, Flat and Hybrid.

Positive profile: Camber

A Camber is a snowboard with a positive preload. It has optimal edge hold and direct power transmission, which is why we recommend it only to experienced riders.

Negative profile: Rocker

Contrary to Camber, the Rocker has a negative preload. This makes them more forgiving for the first turns and tricks in the park. They are the right choice for beginners who want to make quick progress.

Neutral profile: Zero

The Zero profile, also known as Flat, has no visible preload. It offers more stability than a Rocker, but is still more playful than a Camber. Just perfect to ride the whole mountain with.

Mixed profile: Hybrid

Do you feel comfortable in any terrain?You feel comfortable in any terrain, a good edge hold and fast turns make your heart beat faster? Then a Hybridprofile is the right thing for you. With its mix of Rocker and Camber, this shape combines the best of both worlds.

The most popular snowboard brands at Blue Tomato

  • Lib Tech
  • Capita
  • Gnu
  • Bataleon
  • Burton
  • Nitro
  • Jones Snowboards
  • Alibi Snowboards
  • Salomon
  • Rome
  • Roxy