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Snowboard Swap

We'll give you a € 50 voucher for your new snowboard when you bring in your old one. Find out how it works here.

All the memories we've collected with our old snowboard… priceless! However, we are always looking forward to a new one. To make splitting up with your old snowboard that bit easier, we'll give you compensation.

How? It's easy - take part in the Blue Tomato Snowboard Swap. Bring your old board to us and we'll give you a € 50 voucher for a new snowboard.

Sounds great, right? It gets even better: We'll donate your old board to charitable organisations or local upcyclers, if possible.

I want to trade in my board

How the Snowboard Swap works

Snowboard Swap in our Shops

The quickest way to trade in your snowboard is right in your local Blue Tomato Shop. Just bring in your old snowboard, choose a new one and save € 50 on the sales price.

Snowboard Swap by post

If you don't have a Blue Tomato shop close by, you can always trade in your snowboard by post. We'll take care of the shipping costs for you. You can register for the Snowboard Swap with our online form.

Five steps to trade in your snowboard by post:

  1. You fill out the Snowboard Swap form.
  2. We'll send you a shipping label and a trade-in contract via email.
  3. You pack and ship your old snowboard and the trade-in contract to us.
  4. We'll send you a Snowboard Swap voucher via email when we receive your snowboard.
  5. You choose a new snowboard and redeem your voucher at the checkout.


Can I trade in snowboard bindings, skis or any other products?

No, this offer is only valid for snowboards. Please remember to take your bindings off before you send your snowboard.

Can I trade in snowboards which I didn't buy from Blue Tomato?

Yes, we accept snowboards from all retailers and brands.

Can I trade in a damaged snowboard?

Yes, as long as it is still in one piece.

What is a Snowboard Swap voucher?

You'll receive a€ 50 Snowboard Swap voucher when you trade in your old snowboard.

Can I spend the Snowboard Swap voucher on any other products?

No, it is only valid for the purchase of a new snowboard.

Can I trade in more than one snowboard for more vouchers?

No, only one snowboard per person can be exchanged for a Snowboard Swap voucher. You can also only redeem one Snowboard Swap voucher when buying a new snowboard.

Can I combine my Snowboard Swap voucher with other offers or discounts?

Yes, you can combine your Snowboard Swap voucher with other promotions, for example with the snowboard set deal. You can also use it on sale snowboards.

From which countries can I participate in the Snowboard Swap?

You can participate from all EU countries. Additionally, we offer the Snowboard Swap in our shops in Switzerland.

Can I get packing material for the shipping from Blue Tomato?

No, we want to avoid double shipping to protect the environment. We recommend cardboard boxes. But it is also ok if you pack your snowboard with paper.

What happens with my old snowboard?

We want to donate the majority to charitable organisations and local upcyclers. We also reserve the right to resell snowboards to third parties or dispose of them.

Why do I have to sign a trade-in contract?

The trade-in contract protects you and Blue Tomato. It also sets out the trade-in conditions in a written form.