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Same Difference


Freeskiers listen up! Legs of Steel and Blue Tomato proudly present: Same Difference – A Film About Skiers. A film about speed, turns, jumps, milliseconds, precision, ups and downs, frustration and relief.

Legs of Steel’s new movie – by now their seventh documentation – is called: “Same Difference – A Film About Skiers”. The film combines the supposedly split world of skiers and provides insights in the unique and exciting disciplines. There’s something for every skier in this movie.

The Legs of Steel crew takes the premiere as a reason to go on tour. They’ll present their newest production, together with Blue Tomato, in a city close to you! Don’t miss out on that!

Tour Dates:

14.10. Outdoor World Premiere Innsbruck (Nordkette) 16€ (incl. Gondel)

More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/1752533308374149/

21.10. World Premiere Munich (Alte Kongresshalle) 14€

More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/1936588316590500/

03.11. Premiere Salzburg Republic 14€

More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/361172557648066

20.11. Premiere in Innsbruck

More information: Coming soon

You can get your tickets in our Blue Tomato shops and on top of that, a free beanie with every ticket.

Klick here to get to the Legs of Steel website.

©Legs of Steel

You can see all the skiing stars in the movie: Felix Neureuther takes you through his ups and downs during the tough competition seasons. In Alaska, the skiing-mekka, Fabian Lentsch and Sven Kueenle show you what they’ve experienced, and freestyler Paddy Graham tries to jump the biggest kicker of all time. Will they overcome the force of gravity? This and more you will see in “Same Difference”.

The start, slopes and achievements of every discipline might differ from each other but in the end, it’s all skiing, isn’t it?

©Legs of Steel

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