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Tortuga - The artist behind the scenes

Author: Jasmin

For the 30th birthday of Blue Tomato we wanted to offer you a special and unique collection with the collaboration of Volcom. Get a special insight into Tortugas creative artwork and how he got inspired to create these cool designs for our collaboration.

Celebrating 30 years of Blue Tomato had to be something special. The perfect partner in crime for a special project like that, too. And so the Volcom X Blue Tomato collab was born. The result: several shirts and a hoodie featuring cool fits and skeleton designs.

But who is the artist behind all these designs?

The French artist Tortuga really has a passion for skating, surfing and music. The Volcom x Blue Tomato collab reflects his love for board sport and punk music quite well. But just take a look yourself and find out more about his sources of inspiration for these impressive artworks.

I never grew up I guess!

I was born and grew up in the south west of France in the shade of maritime pines. Ocean was my first love and influence. In my teen’s age I discovered surf, skate and punk music. At the same time I was listening to nofx, riding a santa cruz deck and wearing a T&C shirt with Steve Nazar design. Now I do punk music with my bands (vegan piranha, Clorox soda club and my old band doom doom Tortuga), illustrations and animation 2D works. My inspiration is still all the 80s and 90’s California surf punk identity. Jimbo Philips, Steve Nazar, Robert Crumbs, Charle Burns…I never grew up I guess!


Tortugas Illustrationen

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