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Bones ® Bearings Big Balls ™

Author: Christoph

Bones REDS ® Bearings are the #1 skateboarding bearings for skaters worldwide. They rely on performance, quality and engineering.

Bones Bearings ® did it again. They brought back the legendary speed and strength of Bones Super Swiss 6 at an affordable price. Their given name: BIG BALLS™. Bones has created this new REDS ® because they know skaters are not all the same and do not skate the same terrain. No matter on which terrain you prefer to skate, the BIG BALLS™ will be a good choice. They have low friction, top quality materials and have a similar design to the popular Bones Super Swiss 6. The BIG BALLS larger diameter balls rotate 17% slower and the removable dust shield allows you to clean the bearings very easily. All together they are faster and last longer than the old version.

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Get excited for skate action on the street, park, pool, ramp, downhill and recreational skaters who can utilize more speed.

  • Higher Top Speed – BIG BALLS™ ‘ larger diameter balls rotate 17% slower
  • Stronger 75% more massive, making them less susceptible to impact damage and dirt
  • Long Life – BIG BALLS™ turn fewer times and causing less wear
  • Low total weight – Slightly less weight than a normal 7 ball bearing set because of fewer balls and thinner ball races

Cleaning + Speed Cream ®

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